Govt misappropriated funds to run UAP programs, whistleblower claimed

UFO whistleblower David Grusch alleged that the government misappropriated funds to run secret programs. Pic credit: PBS NewsHour/YouTube

During the House Oversight Committee hearing on UAPs, whistleblower David Grusch alleged that government authorities misappropriated funds to run UAP programs above congressional oversight.

According to Grusch, government officials misappropriated funds budgeted for conventional programs to run secret ones.

Private contractors may also overcharge and use the excess to run clandestine projects above congressional oversight.

He made the explosive disclosure while responding to questions by Representative Jared Moskowitz from Florida.

Govt runs unsanctioned advanced tech projects (ATs)

During his opening address to Congress, Grusch said he became a whistleblower after learning from multiple reliable sources that the government ran UAP programs above congressional oversight.

Representative Jared Moskowitz Grusch later inquired whether he had direct knowledge or met people with direct knowledge of non-human origin craft (see PBS NewsHour video below: Start 1:08: 31).

Grusch claimed he met people who had direct knowledge of them.

Moskowitz also asked whether Grusch had direct knowledge or met with people with direct knowledge of advanced technology programs (ATs).

Grusch answered that he received briefings on space and aerospace advanced technology programs.

Moskowitz then inquired whether the whistleblower had reason to believe there were unsanctioned programs in the advanced tech space.

Grusch answered that he was aware of projects run above congressional oversight.

What does “above congressional oversight” mean?

Moskowitz asked Grusch what he meant when he said some projects were run “above congressional oversight.”

Grusch said they were programs run without the knowledge or approval of Congress. He cited laws that allowed departments to waive congressional reporting but added that they had to notify the Gang of Eight.

[Note: The Gang of Eight is a group within Congress that receives briefings on classified projects and related issues. It includes the leaders of the parties in the upper and lower houses and the senior members of the Senate Committee and House Committee for Intelligence].

Programs above congressional oversight funded by misappropriation

The congressman from Florida asked how they funded programs above congressional oversight.

Grusch said he would only speak in “generalities” in the open session, but he could cite specific cases in a closed session.

He then added that projects run above congressional oversight generally got funded through misappropriation of funds.

“Does that mean there is money in the budget that is said to go to a program but it doesn’t and it goes to something else?” Moskowitz asked

Grusch said yes.

“Do you think U.S. corporations are overcharging for certain tech they are selling to the government and the additional money is going to programs?” Moskowitz asked.

Grusch answered yes.

Marines allegedly threatened with death after sighting military UAP

Grusch’s explosive allegation about programs run above congressional oversight through misappropriated funds appeared corroborated by multiple whistleblower claims.

For instance, former Marine Michael Herrera alleged that he and five colleagues ran into clandestine U.S. military personnel operating a saucer-shaped UAP in the Sumatran jungle in 2009.

During an appearance on the Shawn Ryan Show, Herrera, who served in the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit based in Okinawa, Japan, said the incident occurred while his 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines Regiment, was deployed on a humanitarian mission.

The military authorities deployed the unit near Padang City, West Sumatra, Indonesia, following a devastating earthquake and tsunami.

He claimed that he and five Marine companions stumble upon “men in black” in a hillside clearing. They surrounded the Marines and threatened them with prison and death if they dared talk about what they saw.

Govt murdered people to hide secret programs

Grusch also alleged that the U.S. government did “un-American” things to protect the secrecy of its UAP projects.

Investigator Ross Coulthart, who interviewed Grusch for NewsNation, said the former intelligence officer alleged people were murdered to protect UAP information.

Paranormal Papers reported that some UFO conspiracy theorists believed the intelligence services may have murdered President JF Kennedy because he wanted UFO disclosure.

Grusch also alleged that malevolent non-human intelligence may have killed humans.

Grusch knows “exact locations” where govt stored alien tech

The whistleblower told the House Oversight Committee that he knew the “exact locations” where the military authorities kept alien spacecraft recovered from crash sites.

He offered to share the information in a closed session. He said he provided the information to the Inspector General.

UFO conspiracy theorists believe the authorities hide UAPs at various locations, including Area 51, near Groom Lake, Nevada. They also allegedly hide them at Dugway Proving Grounds, southwest of Salt Lake City, Utah, and at Wright-Patterson AFB, near Dayton, Ohio.

Conspiracy theorists allege that private government contractors are also in the custody of advanced alien technology. They store than at private facilities for reverse engineering.

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