Malevolent UFO aliens may have killed humans, whistleblower Grusch claimed

UFO whistleblower David Grusch says aliens might have killed humans. Pic credit: NewsNation/YouTube

UFO whistleblower David Grusch claimed during the explosive interview with NewsNation’s Ross Coulthart that the aliens (“non-human intelligence”) allegedly behind UFO phenomena may have injured and killed humans.

His comments raised questions about why technologically advanced aliens haven’t attempted to conquer the Earth.

“Non-human intelligence” controlling UFOs may have killed humans

Coulthart asked Grusch whether the aliens injured or killed humans.

The former intelligence official said he couldn’t share details because he didn’t want to reveal classified information. But he said that some people involved in top-secret UFO programs told him that at least some of the aliens (aka “non-human intelligence”) have been responsible for what he described as “malevolent events.”

Coulthart said that Grusch’s dark insinuations left him scared because it seemed he just confirmed that non-human intelligence murdered people.

Appearing to weigh his words carefully, Grusch finally admitted that they might have killed people “at one point.”

Grusch is an Air Force veteran, former National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), and the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) official. He worked on projects with the former UAP Task Force.

Does the U.S. government have secret agreements with aliens?

Why we haven’t seen the aliens do anything more dramatic than regular clandestine flight missions that sometimes end in crashes? Why haven’t they tried to conquer Earth or destroy human civilization?

Grusch appeared to suggest that the government was concealing information that could answer questions about alien intentions.

Coulthart asked whether Grusch believed the U.S. government has an “agreement” with the aliens.

Grusch prevaricated, saying he hoped the government would answer the question. But Coulthart pressed further, saying he wanted to know whether he had any information about agreements with non-human intelligence.

Grusch said he could not give a definite answer but wanted to learn more.

Why haven’t aliens conquered Earth or destroyed human civilization?

The conversation raised unanswered questions: Why have aliens not conquered or destroyed human civilization?

However, other UFO researchers have tried to offer answers.

For instance, UFO expert Luis Elizondo once argued that there were many possible reasons why aliens have not attempted to conquer us. He suggested that non-human intelligence might have decided not to be disruptive (see video below: start 21:19), much like game wardens or nature conservation officials avoid disturbing wildlife.

The U.S. has an agreement with the Gray aliens, a UFO researcher claimed

Paranormal Papers reported that the UFO researcher Paul Ascough suggested the U.S. and its allies have a technology transfer agreement with the aliens.

He claimed that a species of technologically advanced extraterrestrials known as the Gray aliens have helped the government develop advanced aerospace technology since the 1940s.

According to Ascough, the government housed Gray alien experts in top-secret facilities such as Area 51, where they worked with humans on various technological projects.

He ascribed post-World War II technological breakthroughs, such as stealth fighters, microchips, and fiber optics, to the alleged alien species.

The U.S. committed “un-American” acts to keep its UFO secrets

NewsNation reported that Grusch claimed the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. knew about UFOs. However, the U.S. was committed to closely guarding its secrets.

According to Grusch, the government was even willing to commit grievous crimes to keep its secrets safe.

Responding to whether the government has killed people to keep its UFO secrets, Grusch said he learned the government did “some really un-American things,” but didn’t want to share details.

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