The Team

James Wray

James has always had a keen interest in myths and legends.

His interest started at an early age after reading The Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion. A family friend then used to give him copies of the Unexplained magazine, which contained all sorts of weird and wonderful stories about topics as diverse as Big Foot and spontaneous human combustion.

His older sister was also interested in the occult and had lots of books on magic, witches, and tarot. Plus, he grew up on a huge moor near Glasgow, Scotland, where there were numerous standing stones and ancient iron age sites. This led to a keen interest in ancient religions, myths, and the reasons behind their formation.

Through his work on Monsters and Critics, he is constantly researching the very topics covered in Paranormal Papers and takes great interest in getting to the bottom of these stories, whether they are real or not.

Skeptical by nature, James likes to liberally apply Occam’s razor to any reports but also remains open-minded.

Julian Cheatle

Julian spent his childhood in Africa and the South Pacific, where he developed a strong interest in local myths and legends, a fascination that followed him into adulthood as he traveled and lived in various different countries around the world.

He is particularly interested in where modern stories of the unexplained come from historically and how they have developed through time to become what they are today.

Julian has been a journalist and editor for more than a decade and worked with many experts in various paranormal fields over the years, with these relationships always leaving him eager to know more.

David Inglis

As a boy growing up in the north of Scotland, David’s imagination was stirred by tales of the unexplained and the paranormal.

David enjoyed watching The X-Files as a teenager (not just because Gillian Anderson was in it), being endlessly intrigued by the monsters and topics covered on the show.

He read lots of books about the supernatural, which led to many a sleepless night! David credits Dr. Karl Shuker as the man whose writing encouraged him to delve deeper into the world of the unexplained.

John Thomas Didymus

John enjoys researching all things to do with the paranormal and mythology. He particularly likes to find obscure sources for information and enjoys the whole process of putting the puzzle pieces together.

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