Paranormal Papers comes from the same people who publish Monsters and Critics, the TV news and review site.

Over the years the team have covered countless ghost, mystery, lost treasure and cryptid TV series and this often involves reading up on the topics of each episode.

Since M&C co-publishers James Wray and Julian Cheatle both had an interest in mythology and folklore, it seemed only natural to create a site just about that.

Paranormal Papers publishes news, features and is also building a large database of UFO sightings, alien encounters, mythological creatures, cryptids, deities, mysteries, lost treasures and conspiracy theories.

We encourage you to get involved and vote on whether you think an entry or story is valid or bogus.

You can also submit your own encounters or experiences and suggest edits, corrections or additions to our own.

The site is owned and operated by Digital Minefield Limited.

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