Alien UFOs travel faster than light, defy laws of physics, Congressman claims

A U.S. Congressman said alien UFOs defy the laws of physics known to us. Pic credit: Pixabay

A U.S. Congressman said that UFOs travel faster than light and defy the laws of physics known to humans. He also accused the U.S. government of lying to Americans for decades and hiding the truth about extraterrestrials.

While appearing on the Event Horizon podcast (see video below), Representative Tim Burchett claimed that following recent disclosures, Congress now has convincing evidence that aliens exist.

The government has been covering up UFOs since 1897

The Representative from Tennessee claimed that the government might have been hiding information about UFOs from Americans since at least 1947, when the alleged Roswell UFO incident happened near Corona, New Mexico.

He suggested that the alleged coverup might have started in 1897, when a UFO allegedly crashed in Aurora, Texas.

The Congressman’s comments come amid an ongoing congressional investigation of whistleblower allegations that the military and intelligence agencies retrieved alien UFOs from multiple crash sites over the decades.

Whistleblower David Grusch made shocking claims that the U.S. government possesses multiple intact “non-human origin vehicles.”

The Air Force veteran and former intelligence official shocked his audience with a claim that the military is also keeping the dead bodies of alien pilots.

He said that aliens may have injured or killed humans.

Alien technology is more advanced than human

According to Burchett, aliens have technology more advanced than we have. The evidence that aliens have superior technology comes from observing UFOs that swarm our skies.

He said that alien UFOs have capabilities that exceed human craft. Alien spacecraft defy the laws of physics by flying at speeds faster than light. They accelerate, gain or lose altitude, maneuver, or change direction in manners that defy our knowledge of the laws of nature. ET spacecraft fly in the air without leaving any exhaust trails and travel underwater at high speeds.

“They can travel light years with the speeds that we’ve seen, and they…uhm… defy physics as we know it,” he said.

Aliens can turn us into “charcoal briquette”

The representative, a member of the House Oversight Committee investigating UFO phenomena, added that aliens are “out of our league.”

Our militaries don’t stand a chance against them. They could turn us into “charcoal briquette” at the press of a button if they wanted.

“They have this kinda technology that… might not have said this before… they can turn us into a charcoal briquette,” he said.

He said that the fact that they haven’t conquered the Earth or destroyed human civilization suggests they don’t have hostile intentions.

Aliens might be an ancient civilization

Regarding the origin of aliens, Burchett echoed Congressman Mike Gallagher from Wisconsin by suggesting that the aliens behind UFO phenomena might be an ancient civilization.

Aliens may have been around for hundreds of thousands of years or even longer. They might have watched humans and the Earth for thousands or millions of years. They might have been hiding from us but only started revealing themselves.

Burchett’s comments come after Representative Mike Gallagher listed multiple alternative theories or hypotheses of the origin of non-human intelligence behind UFOs.

Paranormal Papers reported that Gallagher’s list included the Time Traveler, Transformers, and Adversarial Nation Hypotheses.

Members of Congress said more whistleblowers came forward

Burchett is not the first member of Congress who has accused the U.S. government of concealing information about UFOs and aliens from Americans.

Paranormal Papers reported that Senator Josh Hawley claimed that the government has been downplaying the “huge” number of UFO sightings and kept the information from the public.

Senator Marco Rubio, vice chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, also said that since Grusch made explosive allegations of secret UFO retrieval programs, more whistleblowers with firsthand knowledge have come forward.

He added that he had no reason to disbelieve the whistleblowers because many were former and current officials. They held high positions in government and had high-level clearances.

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