Crashed alien UFO spacecraft warped spacetime, whistleblower alleges

A UFO whistleblower claimed that the government recovered an alien spacecraft that warped spacetime. Pic credit: Pixabay

A UFO whistleblower has reportedly claimed that the U.S. military recovered a crashed alien spacecraft that warps spacetime.

People who entered the UFO experienced nausea and spacetime disorientation. They also found that the UFO was bigger inside than outside, the whistleblower said.

Daniel Sheehan, the attorney for the unnamed whistleblower, shared the latest sensational claims with the Daily Mail.

However, Sheehan’s story is receiving a skeptical reception because he provided no details or evidence to support the astounding claims.

The new allegations come amid renewed interest in UFO phenomena after whistleblower David Grusch alleged that the U.S. government possesses “non-human origin technical vehicles” recovered from crash sites.

Author Michael Shellenberger also reported that unnamed sources within the intelligence community said the U.S. possesses at least 12 alien UFOs.

Paranormal Papers reported that a UFO researcher claimed that aliens are helping the Western allies develop advanced spacecraft technology.

Alleged alien UFO was bigger inside than outside

Sheehan is the lawyer representing a UFO whistleblower who allegedly participated in a secret alien UFO retrieval and reverse-engineering program.

The lawyer said the whistleblower told him that an alien UFO spacecraft retrieved from a crash site appeared only about 30 feet in diameter when viewed from outside. However, when an investigator went inside, they found that the interior was comparable in size to a football stadium.

The whistleblower has allegedly met with staff of the Senate Intelligence Committee. The lawyer was working on bringing his client to testify before Congress.

UFO had a shape like a pie slice

The whistleblower said that the military recovered the flying saucer UFO from a crash site. However, the lawyer did not disclose the location or the time the alleged crash happened. But his client claimed the military found the UFO stuck in the ground where it impacted.

The military had to bring heavy equipment to pull it from the ground. As it emerged from the ground, it looked like a pie or a pizza slice. The operators had to pull gently to avoid damaging the craft because it looked like a sophisticated machine with delicate structures.

Alleged UFO warped space dimensions

After they had exposed sections of the pie slice, someone climbed inside to have a look. They later reported that although it looked small outside, the interior was as big as a football stadium.

The person who entered also experienced nausea and disorientation attributed to the distortion of space. The whistleblower alleged that the interior was as spacious as a football stadium. But it was only about 30 feet in diameter from the outside.

Alleged UFO also warped time

Sheehan also claimed that the UFO imposed a time warp on people who entered it.

The investigator who entered the craft came out looking confused and disoriented. He thought he had spent only a few minutes inside, but his colleagues said he was away for four hours.

The whistleblower claimed that the UFO imposed weird distortions of space and time.

Spacetime warp could enable faster-than-light travel

Although Sheehan offered no evidence to support the sensational claims, physicists have theorized how advanced spacecraft might exploit the spacetime warp effect to travel faster than light.

In 1994, theoretical physicist Miguel Alcubierre proposed that an advanced spacecraft could use a device known as an Alcubierre drive to fly faster than light (see YouTube vide below).

Theoretically, an Alcubierre drive achieves faster-than-light travel by contracting space ahead and expanding space behind it.

However, the only spacecraft known to use spacetime warp to travel faster than light is the USS Enterprise from the science fiction TV series Star Trek.

An Alcubierre drive is an entirely theoretical concept. Physicists have not yet proven that it can work in real life.

What is spacetime warp?

According to the University of Pennsylvania website, the concept of spacetime warp comes from Einstein’s theory of relativity. The theory proves that the assumption that time, as measured by a clock, moves at the same rate or speed for all observers is wrong.

Einstein also proved that the structure of space may be different for various observers. He showed that gravity and acceleration condition our experience of spacetime.

Massive objects such as the Earth warp (distort, bend, or curve) the “fabric” of space. We experience the curvature of space as gravity or acceleration.

According to the equivalence principle of general relativity, gravity and acceleration are only different ways of experiencing the warping of spacetime near a massive object.

For instance, people living far away from the surface of the Earth in the International Space Station (ISS) experience les curved (warped or distorted) spacetime. Thus they are subject to weaker gravity (that makes them feel weightless) but increased acceleration that makes them experience freefall.

The biological effect of living in a less curved region of spacetime in the ISS is that you age more slowly because time passes slower.

In comparison, people living on the surface of a massive object (such as Earth) are living a region where the space is tightly curved. They experience the curvature of space as increased gravitational force but decreased acceleration. The gravitational force keeps them stuck to the Earth.

However, skydivers jumping from a high altitude are in a region of space less curved. So they experience acceleration that makes them fall back to Earth.

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