Canada has retrieved UFOs, participated in reverse-engineering, MP alleges

Canada has retrieved UFO material and participated in reverse-engineering efforts

Larry Maguire, a Canadian MP for Manitoba (Brandon-Souris), has reportedly claimed that Canada and its allies recovered UFOs from crash sites.

According to the MP, the Canadian authorities collaborated in secret programs to analyze and reverse-engineer UFOs.

In a letter titled “Defence Research and Development Canada in possession of recovered UAP material,” MP Maguire called on Canada’s defense minister Anita Anand to plan for “upcoming” disclosures.

The latest news comes after Paranormal Papers reported that U.S. Senator Josh Hawley accused the authorities of keeping UFO information from Americans.

Canada participated in a joint UFO retrieval program

The podcast, Weaponized, hosted by Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp, revealed the contents of the letter Maguire allegedly wrote to Ms. Anita Anand in a June 20 episode titled “Allied UFO Reverse-Engineering Programs Confirmed.” (See YouTube video below).

The CBC noted that other online sources had published copies of the letter weeks before.

In the letter, dated March 22, 2023, Maguire claimed that the Canadian government participated in a program with allies to recover and exploit recovered UFO hardware.

[Note: You may read the full text of the letter in the Twitter post below.]

He alleged that the retrieved material came from a UFO that crashed around 1950 (Maguire was likely referencing the celebrated Roswell UFO crash Incident in 1947).

According to the Manitoba MP, the alleged secret retrieval and reverse-engineering program operated under the Five Eyes Foreign Material Program (FMP). He alleged that the Canadian Forces Intelligence Command coordinated the country’s participation in the program.

Canada obtained UFO material, according to MP

Maguire claimed he learned from U.S. officials that Canadian experts and their U.S. counterparts held joint hearings on the secret UFO recovery program.

He claimed that Defense Research and Development Canada (DRDC), the country’s defense R&D agency, obtained UFO material and worked with U.S. experts to analyze them.

Maguire urged the minister to request a briefing about the activities conducted under the alleged secret UFO recovery and reverse-engineering program.

He suggested she obtain all classified information about the program. He recommended that the briefing cover all ongoing projects to analyze and reverse-engineer UFO material, previously undisclosed agreements, and existing memorandum of understanding (MOA) between Canada and its allies.

The government needs to plan for “upcoming” disclosure

Maguire expressed concern that the Canadian authorities weren’t planning for the “expected upcoming public announcements” on UFOs by members of the AUKUS trilateral defense pact that officially includes Australia, the U.S., and the U.K.

He warned that the disclosures could damage the government’s domestic and international reputation.

The Manitoba MP said it was necessary to implement a “communication plan” in anticipation of the May 2023 disclosures. He argued that the plan would mitigate damage to Canada’s credibility and pre-empt public debate about the lack of official transparency and accountability.

The Chief Science Advisor also needs briefing

The MP also recommended that Canada’s Chief Science Advisor gain full access to classified information about the country’s defense programs, including alleged secret UFO retrieval and reverse-engineering program.

The Chief Science Advisor needs the information to effectively implement the Sky Canada Project to investigate how the authorities manage UFO (UAP) reports.

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