‘Pranking my boyfriend with a fake alien invasion’ video goes viral on TikTok

A fake alien invasion prank video went viral on TikTok. Pic credit: Pixabay

Jay and Joanna, a content creator couple on TikTok, entertained followers with a hilarious prank video in which Joanna tricked Jay into believing that an alien invasion had started.

The video went viral on TikTok, receiving millions of views, including 1.2 million likes, about 48k comments, and nearly 150k shares.

You may view the video here on TikTok.

Alien invasion prank video

The video starts with Joanna and her dog inside her boyfriend’s gaming room. She tells viewers she wants to prank him with a fake alien invasion.

She sets up his paused player to show a fake NBC news clip reporting an alien invasion.

Joanna flees the room after setting up the prank.

Jay enters to resume his game

Sometime later, Jay enters the room dressed in a t-shirt, denim shorts, and sneakers. He is ready to resume his paused video game.

He sits on the chair in front of the TV screen, reaches for his controller, and presses play, just as Joanna hoped he would.

The fake NBC news clip begins to play.

Fake NBC news clip announces alien invasion

Jay is surprised to see the NBC newscast on his screen. He stares at the screen in confusion, wondering what is happening.

We hear the newscaster announcing an emergency.

Joanna interrupts as voiceover. She tells us that she was inspired to play the prank because she thought it was the perfect time amid all the UFO and alien “talk” by the news media.

fake alien invasion

Joanna fakes being captured by a green alien. Pic credit: @jayandjoshow/TikTok

Aliens are coming to invade

We hear an announcer on the TV telling viewers there is an emergency. The announcer warns of an imminent threat to national security and public safety due to an alien invasion.

“Oh no baby the aliens are coming to invade,” Joanna adds.

Viewers can see Jay’s growing alarm as the message continues. He looks even more confused and scared when an alarm sounds.

“He’s so scared,” Joanna comments.

Jay reaches inside his pocket to retrieve his cell phone, looking alarmed and agitated.

Joanna tells us he is calling his dad.

Jay is terrified

As Jay tries to get his dad on the phone, the voice on the TV says: “The U.S. government has issued a national emergency for the continental United States effective from….”

“The following message is transmitted at the request of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security,” the announcer continues. “There have been multiple sightings of unidentified objects of unknown origin…,” the voice continues.

Jay is terrified. He shouts in alarm as he frantically dials his dad’s number.

“Unidentified objects flying around”

Jay’s dad answers the call.

“Dad… Dad… are you watching the news?” Jay shouts, his eyes wide with fright. “Put the news on.”

As the voice on the TV continues to fill viewers in with more details of alarming events on the streets, Jay explains to his dad that “there are unidentified f****** objects flying around… Dad!”

He gesticulates dramatically. He can barely contain himself as he shouts incoherently.

“Yeah… dad… yeah… there are f****** aliens… and ******* UFOs… and s***… its on the ****** news!…. dad… put the news on!!”

“Are you smoking c****?” his incredulous dad inquires.

“No!” As he screams his response into the phone, we hear the TV voice drone on in the background about an ongoing U.S. military action.

Aliens capture Joanna!

Jay nearly jumps out of his skin in alarm when the door open, and Joanna barges in. She wears an inflated suit that looks like a green alien has captured her.

Jay panics. He screens in fright and jumps out of the chair, nearly falling over. Joanna runs out of the room and returns moments later, screaming.

You’ve been pranked, Jay!

When she enters the second time, Jay realizes he’s been pranked.

Jay has been pranked

Jay realizes he’s been pranked: Pic credit: @jayandjoshow/TikTok

Although he’s embarrassed that his girlfriend scared him, he is also relieved that the nightmarish scenario he thought was playing out was only a prank.

But we can see from his expression that he is not enjoying being so ruthlessly pranked by his girlfriend.

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