UFO Sighting in Oslo, Norway?

Image showing a blurring shape or orb in sky above Oslo. Videographer claims it was a UFO of some sort.
UFO Sighting in Oslo, Norway? Image credit: Konstantinos Konst/YouYube

With so much alleged UFO footage emerging over the last few weeks, it is no surprise that today saw more videos posted online.

Konstantinos Konst posted some video taken over an island in Oslo, Norway. The video was taken around 17:10 local time on June 27, 2023, and is around 8 minutes in length.

Konst posted that he was relaxing with a coffee when he spotted what appeared to be a flying orb of some sort. The object floated at a height of around 5-8000 feet and was visible for several minutes. What Konst describes as a UFO, appeared to be above the island of Langøyene.

The object is very small in the video and it is difficult to see exactly what it is.

What do you think? Is it a UFO, a drone, a glitch on the phone, or a helicopter?

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