More ‘mind-blowing’ disclosures to come about UFOs, investigator claims

UFO investigator Leslie Kean said more “mind-blowing” disclosures are coming. Pic credit: The Hill/YouTube

Investigative reporter Leslie Kean has described recent UFO whistleblower disclosures as “mind-blowing” and added that there was more to come.

She said the origin of UFOs remains a mystery and warned that answers to questions about them could prove complicated. She hinted that there were other possible explanations of the intelligence behind UFOs besides the extraterrestrial origin hypothesis.

Who is Leslie Kean?

Leslie Kean is a veteran reporter who has reported on UFOs for years.

She co-authored an article about UFOs in the New York Times with investigative reporters Helen Cooper and Ralph Blumenthal. The article, published on December 16, 2017, was titled Glowing Auras and “Black Money”: The Pentagon’s Mysterious UFO Program.

She is also the author of a book published in 2010: UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record.

She and Ralph Blumenthal reported on whistleblower David Grusch for The Debrief earlier in June.

Grusch made shocking claims that the U.S. government, its allies, and defense contractors secretly recovered fragments of UFOs and intact ones for decades. He also alleged that subsequent analysis of the retrieved technology proved they were of “exotic origin,” meaning non-human.

Grusch told NewsNation the “non-human origin technical vehicles” came from various sites. He affirmed that the government has “quite a number” of them.

More ‘mind-blowing’ information to come about UFOs

The Hill TV’s Rising asked Leslie Kean what she thought about Grusch’s claims that the government retrieved alien crafts with pilots.

Kean declined to comment on the allegation about UFO pilots because that was never part of her reporting. The sources she spoke with did not talk about them.

However, she said she took Grusch’s claims about retrieved crafts seriously. She also noted that she had spoken to several other people who confirmed them.

Many were high-ranking individuals within the intelligence community, while others had worked on secret UFO programs.

She described the disclosures as “mind-blowing” and added that based on the claims, she believed more people would come forward with more detailed firsthand information.

Recovered UFOs are non-human origin crafts

Hill TV asked whether her sources emphasized that the alleged UFOs were of “non-human” or unknown origin.

Keans said her sources emphasized the UFOs were of “non-human” origin. They insisted they were products of “non-human” technology. Experts determined by scientific means that humans did not make them.

Although details about how they confirmed they were non-human are classified, Grusch alluded to the scientific process when he told The Debrief that experts described various vehicle morphologies and analyzed UFO materials.

They also determined they possessed unique “atomic arrangement and radiological signatures.”

Is the government attempting a “soft launch” of extraterrestrial awareness?

Hill TV asked whether she thought the government might be orchestrating the disclosures from behind the scenes as a “soft launch” of UFO awareness.

A “soft launch” would mean that the government is orchestrating a slow but partial disclosure because they don’t want to make a full disclosure.

Kean said she did not know whether the government was behind former intelligence officials coming forward as whistleblowers.

Non-human does not necessarily mean extraterrestrial

Kean also warned that people shouldn’t conflate “non-human” and “extraterrestrial.”

While a “non-human origin” flying vehicle might be of extraterrestrial origin, it could also be from non-extraterrestrial sources.

She said the origin of UFOs remains a mystery, but it was clear that there is intelligence behind them.

Paranormal Papers reported there are multiple alternative theories or hypotheses about the origin of UFOs besides the extraterrestrial.

Other theories or hypotheses include time travelers, transformers, adversarial nations, and the ancient civilization hypotheses.

Do many people have access to classified UFO information?

Kean explained that the government kept the secret UFO retrieval program a closely guarded secret for many years, and only a few people knew about it.

People have been coming forward for years to file whistleblower complaints, but their claims never gained traction because many did not have credibility.

But people have paid attention to Grusch due to his background as an intelligence officer.

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