‘We don’t have aliens in storage,’ Las Vegas family tells UFO tourists

Las Vegas family who reported UFO crashed in their backyard tells tourists they don’t have aliens in storage. Pic credit: Alien society1/YouTube

The Las Vegas family that claimed they saw an 8-10 feet tall humanoid in their backyard after a UFO allegedly crashed there has warned tourists to stop trespassing on their property because they don’t have aliens in storage.

According to NewsNation, the family said that following media coverage of their alleged encounter with aliens, UFO enthusiasts have been flocking to their home to investigate.

UFO tourists might get hurt trespassing, attorney warns

Sam Heidari, the family’s attorney, claimed that some UFO investigators climbed the wall while others flew drones over the property to see the aliens.

The lawyer urged people to stop trespassing because the family did not have aliens in storage (see video below). He warned that his clients could sue trespassers.

The attorney also warned tourists not to trespass because the family was armed and might mistake intruders for burglars or criminals.

Police installed cameras in the Las Vegas backyard

The latest development comes after Paranormal Papers reported that following media reports about their alleged encounter with aliens, the family expressed concern about their safety.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) reportedly responded by installing cameras to monitor the yard.

Although the authorities said they installed the cameras to protect the family, people began speculating about it. Some conspiracy theorists even suggested a UFO coverup.

The speculation about a coverup might explain why people have been flocking to the property to investigate.

But amid the speculation, others suggested that officers installed the cameras to protect them from tourists who may try to sneak into their property.

8-10 feet tall alien in the backyard

Paranormal Papers reported that around 12:25 a.m. on May 1, the family called 911 and said a UFO crashed in their backyard.

The caller claimed that sometime after the alleged crash, they saw a skinny, green humanoid creature about 8-10 feet tall hiding behind a forklift parked in their yard. They claimed it had large staring eyes, long arms, and legs.

Details of the alleged incident (see video below) suggested that two young family members were in the backyard when the alleged UFO crash occurred. Surveillance cameras in the neighborhood appeared to capture an impact shock and a circular impression on the ground.

However, responding officers who searched the yard found no evidence of a crashed UFO or aliens hiding behind a forklift.

Alleged UFO crash followed the sighting of green light in the sky

The family reported the alleged UFO crash soon after locals saw a bright green light streaking across the night sky.

Footage captured on a police officer’s bodycam showed a bright light in the sky. Residents reported observing the light around 11:50 p.m. on April 30.

Media sources also confirmed that people from multiple states, including California, Arizona, Nevada, and Utah, reported seeing the strange light.

NASA said the green light was a meteor

Paranormal Papers reported that NASA later responded to speculation about the nature of the green light over the city.

NASA spokesperson Lindley Johnson said the light was not a UFO but a meteor. He said the meteor could not have landed in the backyard because it passed miles away from the location.

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