Government possesses ‘at least 12-15’ alien UFOs, intelligence sources claim

The U.S. posesses at least 12-15 alien UFOs, intelligence sources claimed. Pic credit: Pixabay

The government is withholding information about “at least 12-15” alien UFOs in its custody, sources within the intelligence community have allegedly claimed.

The latest explosive allegation comes after Air Force veteran David Grusch claimed in recent media interviews that he has evidence that U.S. authorities obtained multiple “non-human origin technical vehicles” of “exotic origin” that either “landed or crashed.”

According to Michael Shellenberger in a report published on Public, multiple high-ranking sources within the intelligence community, including individuals known to have participated in UFO programs, confirmed Grusch’s story.

U.S. goverment possesses “at least 12” UFO spacecraft

Shellenberger claimed that two members of the intelligence community testified to Congress that they saw “verifiable” evidence that government and military contractors possess at least 12 alien spacecraft.

Intelligence officials who previously shared information with Grusch confirmed that the authorities retrieved UFOs from crash sites. One source claimed the U.S. has “at least 12-15” UFO craft.

The Debrief reported earlier in June that Karl Nell, a former Army officer who worked with the UAP Task Force, confirmed that the U.S. has been working on reverse-engineering alien UFO technologies.

The government keeps UFOs at Area 51

The sources alleged that government agents obtained UFO crafts through various means. One source said they retrieve about “one or two” UFOs every five years.

They recovered some after they landed or crashed, while others were shot down or captured by other means.

Paranormal Papers reported that some UFO conspiracy theorists believe that an alien species called the Gray aliens run a top-secret spacecraft technology development program with the U.S. and its allies.

The authorities keep the UFOs at various facilities, such as Area 51 or Dugway Proving Grounds. They also store them at facilities managed by contractors for reverse-engineering studies.

UFOs have different structures

Another source told Public that officials documented four types of UFOs with different structures. The contractor claimed sources said they had seen six intact and six damaged ones. Some of the craft had pilots that escaped from them. The contractor claimed to have spoken with senior military officers who had seen alien UFOs and handled them.

Some people with firsthand knowledge shared evidence with the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), but the agency refused to share it with Congress.

While Grusch has not publicly shared classified evidence he claimed to have, he shared them with the Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG), Thomas A. Monheim.

Reverse-engineering programs

The sources that spoke with the Public gave conflicting information about whether government pilots, scientists, and engineers have successfully flown and reverse-engineered UFO craft.

While some sources said no one could figure out how to operate them, others said experts flew at least one.

Some sources also said experts made no progress in reverse-engineering UFOs, but others claimed they made breakthroughs.

The ICIG took the claims by Grusch seriously

Grusch, a former senior intelligence analyst with the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), shared evidence in his possession with congressional intelligence committees and the ICIG.

He shared evidence with the ICIG because he knew that the intelligence agencies and the military were withholding information from Congress and the AARO.

The ICIG reportedly believes the whistleblower claims were credible and that there was a need to act urgently.

Why AARO won’t confirm information about retrieved alien technology

The AARO is the DoD agency tasked with monitoring UFOs. The DoD has repeatedly denied whistleblower claims that the U.S. possesses alien technology.

But sources confirmed that some intelligence officials shared evidence with the AARO, but the agency refused to share it with Congress.

Instead, DoD spokesperson Susan Gough claimed that the AARO did not have “verifiable information” that the U.S. has been running a UFO retrieval and reverse-engineering program.

However, Shellenberger explained that the AARO denies knowledge of UFO programs because it operates under a Title 10 Authority that is lower than the Title 50 Authority that other intelligence agencies have.

Dr. Sean M. Kirkpatrick, director of the AARO, confirmed to Congress that the agency operates under a Title 10 Authority. It means it does not have access to the information it needs to verify claims about past or ongoing alien UFO retrieval and reverse-engineering programs.

Grusch claimed the U.S. retrieved multiple “non-human” UFOs

UFO whistleblower David Grusch told NewsNation he learned that the authorities recovered multiple alien UFO craft but did not specify how many (see video below).

He spoke with many current and former senior intelligence officers who confirmed that military and intelligence officials are concealing information about alien spacecraft from Congress.

Senator Harry Reid also talked about a secret UFO retrieval program

Senior politicians and officials who claimed they learned that the government runs secret UFO retrieval programs included former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D) from Nevada.

Senator Reid claimed back in April 2021 that he learned that defense contractors, including Lockheed Martin, have fragments of material recovered from UFO crash sites.

The senator from Nevada said he tried to obtain clearance to see the evidence, but Pentagon did not approve it.

Christopher Mellon, a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, also claimed in an article published on Politico that he spoke with multiple witnesses who admitted that the government runs a secret alien UFO retrieval and reverse-engineering program.

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