Documents prove UFO crashed in Italy 14 years before Roswell, researcher claims

A UFO researcher claimed an alien flying saucer crashed in northern Italy in 1933. Pic credit: Pixabay

A researcher claims to have obtained documents supporting whistleblower David Grusch’s story that the first UFO crash occurred in Italy during the 1930s, not Roswell in the late 1940s.

Roberto Pinotti, president of the National Ufological Center, told the Daily Mail that documents he obtained suggested that a UFO crash occurred on June 13, 1933, near Magenta in northern Italy, 14 years before the Roswell UFO incident.

Benito Mussolini was the prime minister of Italy at the time of the alleged crash. His government retrieved the alleged saucer-shaped UFO and set up a secret program to analyze it.

However, the flying saucer craft fell into the hands of the Americans in 1944.

Pinotti received documents by mail from an undisclosed source

Pinotti explained that he received the documents by mail from a mysterious source that did not identify themselves. But the source claimed they obtained the documents from an older relative who had participated in an alleged secret UFO retrieval program by Mussolini’s government.

Grusch claimed governments retrieved alien UFOs from crash sites

Pinotti’s startling disclosure comes after UFO whistleblower David Grusch claimed he turned over to Congress, as part of sworn testimony, evidence that the U.S. government retrieved multiple alien UFOs from crash sites.

In an interview with NewsNation, the former intelligence official said that the authorities secretly retrieved “non-human origin technical vehicles” from multiple crash sites and sources.

He added that the vehicles were “non-human, exotic origin…,” and that the government retrieved them after they either “landed or crashed” on Earth (see video below).

Grusch also claimed the U.S. government recovered a UFO from Italy

In an interview with the French publication Le Parisien published last month, Grusch claimed he learned that one of the UFOs the U.S. government obtained originally crashed in northern Italy in 1933. He described the UFO as a bell-shaped flying saucer about 10 meters across.

Mussolini retrieved it from a site on the outskirts of Magenta, near Milan in Lombardy, northern Italy.

Pinotti said he believed the Italian authorities stored the alleged alien spacecraft at a facility near Vergiate (Lombardy). The facility belonged to the former aviation company SIAI-Marchetti.

Musollini then initiated a program under a secret department, Gabinetto RS/33 (Special Research Cabinet 33), to analyze the strange craft.

Guglielmo Marconi, the famous Italian scientist and Nobel Prize winner credited with inventing the radio, allegedly headed Gabinetto RS/33.

However, victorious American forces took over the SIAI-Marchetti facility in Vergiate in 1944. The Office of Strategic Services (OSS) transported the craft to the U.S.

Pinotti’s documents appear to support Grusch’s story

The documents Pinotti obtained from an undisclosed source included a memo on letterhead dated August 22, 1936.

The memo contained rough sketches of a rocket-like flying craft, a saucer-shaped object, and a handwritten description.

The documents included telegrams dated June 1933 in which the writer warns recipients to ensure secrecy about a craft of unknown origin that landed in Italy. One document threatened anyone who disclosed the incident with dire consequences.

The document claimed that the secrecy order came from Il Duce, Mussolini’s title since 1925, meaning The Leader.

In 2000, Pinotti sent the 1936 document to a forensic analyst who determined that the dating was authentic.

The UFO researcher then concluded that Mussolini might have been the first world leader who retrieved a crashed UFO. The alleged incident happened in 1933, 14 years before the administration of President Harry Truman allegedly retrieved a crashed alien UFO from Roswell.

Pinotti started investigating the Italian UFO crash incident in 1996

Pinotti told the Daily Mail that he and another UFO researcher, Alfredo Lissoni, started investigating the claims about a 1933 UFO crash in northern Italy in 1996.

Pinotti first shared the documents in 2000 to a skeptical reception. Many believed they forged them.

Locals appeared to confirm the story

The Daily Mail reported that locals in the region of northern Italy where the UFO allegedly crashed in 1933 shared stories of the incident.

Marco Negri, 42, a resident of the area around Magenta, claimed that his great-great-grandfather Pietro Negri, Mayor of Arona, Piedmont, told his father that a mysterious craft crashed in the region in 1933.

The authorities tried to hush up the incident by warning people not to talk about it.

However, Mayor Pietro Negri received messages about the crash from the central authorities.

Marco also alleged that his ancestor said government agents recovered bodies of dead aliens from the UFO wreckage. The alleged aliens were small-sized humanoid creatures with blond hair.

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