Second Roswell UFO debris field discovered, investigators claim

Investigators Ben Hansen and Donald Schmitt claim to have found a second Roswell UFO debris field. Pic credit: NewsNation/YouTube

Two UFO investigators claim to have found a second Roswell UFO debris field.

According to the investigators, the second field is an impact site near the original Roswell debris field where an alien UFO allegedly crashed in July 1947.

NewsNation spoke with the two investigators, Ben Hansen and Donald Schmitt. They shared details of their findings after investigating the alleged second debris field.

The second Roswell UFO debris field is an impact site

Schmitt told NewsNation’s Banfield that firsthand accounts by military and civilian eyewitnesses indicated that the second debris field was an impact site about 35-40 miles north of Roswell.

Eyewitnesses claimed that federal agents retrieved from the site the remains of a crashed egg-shaped pod about the size of a Volkswagen Beetle.

The alleged space pod was carrying an alien (“non-human”) crew that died in the crash.

Multiple eyewitnesses alleged that government agents recovered the remains of the pod along with the dead “non-human” (alien) crew.

Firsthand accounts also suggested there was at least one non-human survivor.

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The first Roswell UFO debris field

Hansen explained that he visited the first debris field near Corona multiple times.

Corona is a village in Lincoln County, New Mexico. It is the nearest population center to the original UFO crash site, about two-and-half hours from Roswell.

The first person who stumbled upon the crash site was a rancher and resident of Corona. He returned to Corona, where he spread the news about the incident. Sightseers from Corona were the first eyewitnesses before government officials cordoned off the site.

The alleged second Roswell UFO debris field

According to Hansen, the second UFO debris field or impact site is only about 40 minutes from Roswell.

Hansen is the host of UFO Witness on Discovery+. He is also a former federal agent and crime scene investigator. He told NewsNation that he and other investigators searched the second site for anything the federal agents might have missed when they first searched back in 1947.

UFO investigators face challenges

According to Hansen, investigators aren’t sure about the nature of the alleged UFO. Thus, they aren’t sure what to expect at the site.

Investigators have no idea about the nature of the UFO material, whether metallic or non-metallic. Thus, they do a dragnet search, picking up any material that looks anomalous for analysis.

NewsNation asked the investigators if they found or expected to find anything there since government agents must have thoroughly combed the site and removed all the debris back in 1947.

Discoveries at the second debris field

Schmitt, a veteran UFO investigator from the International UFO Museum and Research Center, said that previous investigators who scoured the sites after federal agents reported traces of artifacts.

He said they planned to return to the original debris field because it was unlikely that previous investigators recovered every bit of debris in an area about a mile across.

He added that the constant action of the elements (rain, snow, wind, erosion) meant that previously buried artifacts could still surface.

According to Schmitt, the difficulty of recovering every bit of debris during one search explains reports by locals that they spotted government agents returning to the site.

Are any Roswell incident witnesses still alive?

NewsNation wanted to know whether any of the original witnesses from 1947 was still alive and whether they helped recent investigators.

Hansen said he interviewed a now-deceased witness who claimed to have been a child when the Roswell incident occurred in 1947. The witness said they handled a piece of the debris their dad (a fire department worker) brought home.

But military police officers visited the family soon after and seized the material. She recalled stern-faced officers threatening the family with dire consequences if they talked about what they saw.

Another witness, the son of an Air Force personnel, said his father handled debris from the crash and saw the bodies of non-human (alien) pilots, including one who allegedly survived.

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