No law against stealing from aliens, physicist Michio Kaku assures UFO abductees

There is no law prohibiting humans stealing from alien visitors, Dr. Michio Kaku assures UFO abductees. Pic credit: NBC/YouTube

American theoretical physicist Dr. Michio Kaku has assured alien UFO abductees that it is okay to steal technology from aliens.

Kaku offered the advice during a recent appearance on NBC News. While discussing recent developments that reignited interest in UFOs (also known as UAPs), Kaku said that physicists don’t have much data to go by regarding UFOs. So he advised future alien abductees to steal something from aliens that scientists could study to understand UFO phenomena (see video below).

He assured the abductees that it was okay to steal from aliens because no law prohibits humans from stealing from alien visitors.

UFOs could be advanced alien technology

During the conversation with NBC’s Gadi Schwartz, Kaku made explosive claims about the flight capabilities of UFOs based on evidence from recently released U.S. Navy videos.

According to Kaku, we now have hours of videotaped UFO evidence. Experts have used the evidence to obtain data about the alleged alien UFOs. They analyzed the videos frame-by-frame to extract information indicative of the status of the technology behind them.

Kaku said that evidence so far obtained suggested that UFOs were products of technology more advanced than anything humans have.

The theoretical physicist and science writer added that expert analysis suggested that some UFOs can travel at hypersonic speeds up to 20 times faster than sound.

[Fun fact: Physicists define Hypersonic speed as equal to or exceeding five times the speed of sound (equal to or greater than Mach 5).]

UFOs can fly underwater

Kaku also said that analysis indicates that UFOs can descend from a high altitude at an incredible rate of more than 80,000 feet in seconds. They can also fly underwater.

The physicist claimed there is a videotape of a UFO diving and navigating underwater.

[Note: A UFO that can navigate underwater are known as unidentified submerged objects (USOs).]

He explained that man-made flying crafts do not have the capabilities the videos suggest UFOs have. Our flying crafts don’t have the same level of maneuverability. They also can’t accelerate from Mach 5 to Mach 20 in only a few seconds as UFOs can.

Are UFOs coming from advanced alien civilizations?

Schwartz then asked Kaku whether he believed alien UFOs came from advanced extraterrestrial civilizations or alien species with higher intelligence than humans.

The physicist explained that the video evidence suggested that aliens more technologically advanced than us are visiting Earth.

He pointed out that stars are so far apart that a craft flying at “tremendous velocity” could take up to 70,000 years to cross interstellar space. Thus, aliens visiting us in UFOs need advanced technologies to reach us.

According to Kaku, while the onus of proof had previously been with people who claimed to have sighted UFOs, the video evidence now meant that the onus was on the U.S. authorities to prove they were not of extraterrestrial origin.

But Kaku acknowledged that while the video was suggestive, scientists need more data for proof.

‘There is no law against stealing from an extraterrestrial civilization’

Kaku said physicists and other experts want to learn more about alien technology. But they do not have enough data or material evidence to help them understand UFOs.

He then offered a joking appeal to people who claimed aliens abducted them multiple times.

He urged abductees to ensure they steal something the next time aliens abduct them. They could steal anything, such as alien pens, pencils, cosmetics, or advanced alien technology, such as computer chips they can easily conceal on their bodies.

“The next time you are kidnapped by a flying saucer, for god’s sake, steal something,” Kaku said, “… steal anything because there’s no law against stealing from an extraterrestrial civilization.”

Are UFO aliens time travelers?

Schwartz also asked Kaku his opinion on the theory that aliens could be time travelers or whether he thought they were more likely space travelers.

Paranormal Papers previously reported that during an appearance on the Pat McAfee show, Congressman Mike Gallagher mentioned the Time Traveler Hypothesis as one of the competing theories about the nature of aliens and UFOs (see video below).

The Time Traveler or Terminator Hypothesis derives inspiration from the 1984 sci-fi movie The Terminator, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Time travel is possible under the multiverse theory

Kaku argued that there were many planetary systems in the universe and probably billions of planets that might have intelligent life. Thus, it was likely that some planets were home to intelligent aliens with advanced civilizations.

He cited a theory that technological aliens might be able to break the light barrier by taking a shortcut through a spacetime wormhole or Einstein-Rosen bridge.

Kaku said some physicists, such as the late Stephen Hawking, were skeptical of time travel. However, it wasn’t possible to rule it out under the multiverse theory that allows history to fork into multiple streams. Thus, it is also possible that UFO aliens are time travelers.

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