Pilot encountered ‘golden orb’ UFO during 2022 flight

An orb UFO. Pic credit: Pixabay

Julious Figueroa, a pilot from Virginia, reported sighting a “golden orb” UFO while flying over the Midwest region in July 2022.

Figueroa was a former Navy pilot. After he left the Navy, he worked with a Midwest company that flew aircraft carrying skydivers.

The UFO approached within 15 feet

He encountered a UFO during a skydiving flight on July 10, 2022, according to WHSV.com.

He was ascending to an altitude of 10,000 feet in preparation for skydiving when, at 4,300 feet, he caught sight of an object in the distance.

He did not pay attention at first because, from the initial distance, it might have been a regular aircraft. But the object flew in his direction, and as it got closer, he noticed unusual features that made him pay attention.

The object came within 15 feet of Figueroa’s aircraft at the closest approach. It flew past to his left, heading north.

A “spherical golden orb” UFO

Figueroa described the UFO as a “spherical golden orb” about the size of a small automobile. It flew at high speed.

He noticed that he lost sight of the object when he looked directly at it. He could see it only when he shifted his gaze slightly away.

A golden orb flying at high speed toward his aircraft shocked him. Fearing a collision, he yelled and turned his plane in an attempt to avoid a collision.

His yell caught the attention of the passengers in the back. They guessed he saw something outside, so they looked out the window.

Three of his skydiving passengers, including an instructor, saw the object. The others didn’t because when they looked out, the orb had whizzed past and disappeared beyond the horizon.

Figueroa reported the UFO sighting

Figueroa immediately reported the sighting to Air Traffic Control. He asked the controller whether they had detected an aircraft or drone. They said they hadn’t.

He contacted them again minutes later. He described the object and asked if they had seen it on the radar.

He waited several minutes while the controller consulted. The controller eventually said they hadn’t seen a craft that matched his description.

The “spherical golden orb” sighting remains a mystery

Figueroa never solved the mystery of the “spherical golden orb.”

There is no evidence of the alleged sighting besides Figueroa’s eyewitness account backed up by at least three skydivers who also said they saw the orb as it disappeared beyond the horizon.

Following the first incident, he kept his eyes peeled, hoping to see another UFO, but he never did.

WHSV.com noted that Figueroa’s report was similar to several other reported sighting in some respects. It was not the first time a witness saw a strange object that seemed to disappear when you gazed directly at it.

Harvard professor recovers material that could be UFO debris

The latest UFO sighting report comes amid a renewed public interest in UFOs after whistleblower David Grusch claimed that the U.S. government has run an alien craft retrieval program for decades.

A Canadian MP also alleged that Canada obtained UFO material from crash sites and collaborated with Western allies in reverse-engineering programs.

Paranormal Papers reported that Harvard professor Avi Loeb announced on June 21 that his team recovered material for the Pacific Ocean floor that could be debris from a UFO that crashed in the ocean in 2014.

Japanese researchers also released a tranche of UFO images and videos from around the world that could show UFOs with aliens on board.

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