Mysterious large white UFO with ‘vapor around it’ spotted over Long Island

A resident of Long Island filmed a strange white UFO flying over Long Island. Pic credit: Twitter/J.B.

A resident of Long Island spotted a strange white UFO flying over the Suffolk County section of the city while driving on the highway.

He stopped to film the mysterious white object floating across the urban skyline.

The nature of the UFO has been the subject of online speculation, but the mystery remains unsolved.

White UFO in the sky

The witness, J.B., captured the video on his phone around 5 p.m. on Sunday (June 24). He shared it with the local radio station WCBS 880 (

He told the station that he was driving on Sunrise Highway, Islip, Long Island, with his son when he saw a strange white object drifting in the sky across the city.

At first, he thought it was a thick cloud but soon noticed it was a solid body drifting against the backdrop of blue sky.

Drivers stopped to film the UFO

It looked so strange that he and other drivers stopped to look and snap pictures while others filmed.

As it drifted away, he started his car and followed.

Could it be a spy balloon?

It did not look like a random object, such as an empty trash bag set adrift in the sky by the wind. Although it looked translucent or transparent, it wasn’t a plastic bag.

He was also sure it was not a drone that took off from somebody’s backyard.

It looked like sophisticated equipment, and his first thought was that it might be a spy balloon. The strangest feature he noticed was a vapor- or mist-like cloud that hung around it.

Along the way, he noticed some of the vapor broke off from and appeared to move away.

Online speculation

Questions about the identity of the mysterious UFO sparked online speculation, according to WCBS 880.

Some thought it might be a kind of surveillance equipment taking pictures or filming the city. One person suggested it might be a satellite flying low.

Many thought it looked so strange that it could be an alien spacecraft. But others dismissed it, saying it was most likely a piece of city garbage the wind lifted.

Although many locals saw it, the Suffolk Police Department said no one called to report it.

UFOs over Devon and Japan

The latest sighting comes after John Mooner, a British UFO hunter, reported an alien flying saucer over Devon in the English countryside.

Paranormal Papers reported that the UFO enthusiast captured photos and claimed it offered “definitive proof” of extraterrestrial life.

A group of Japanese researchers from the International UFO Lab also announced they had released a tranche of photos and videos that show unexplained UFO sightings.

A spokesperson for the group speculated the UFOs might have “aliens on board.”

Government is reverse-engineering UFOs from crash sites, whistleblower alleges

The recent spate of UFO sightings comes after explosive claims from whistleblower David Grusch that the U.S. government ran a secret alien UFO retrieval and reverse-engineering program for decades. He claimed that the government retrieved alien craft from crash sites.

Larry Maguire, a Canadian MP, also alleged that the country participated in UFO retrieval and reverse-engineering programs with allies.

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