‘I know the exact locations’ where govt stores alien tech, UFO whistleblower claims

UFO whistleblower David Grusch told Congress he knows the “exact location” where the government stores alien technology. Pic credit: C-SPAN/YouTube

During the congressional hearing on UFOs on Wednesday (July 26), whistleblower David Grusch claimed he knew the “exact locations” where the government stored alien technology retrieved from crash sites. But he declined to share the information publicly.

Grusch said he knew the secret locations of retrieved alien spacecraft while responding to questions by members of Congress about his allegation that the authorities were in the custody of crashed UFOs of non-human origin.

Multiple witnesses told Grusch govt possessed alien technology

Congressman Robert Garcia from California asked Grusch whether he believed that the U.S. possessed technology of non-human origin (see video below: 49:09).

Grusch answered that he concluded that the military authorities were in the custody of alien technology after interviewing more than 40 witnesses over four years.

He claimed he had seen compelling evidence supporting his belief. The evidence came from classified eyewitness accounts, official documents, photographic and video evidence.

He added that he knew the “exact locations” where the authorities stored them. He added that he provided information about their location to the Inspector General.

Government is in the custody of 12-15 alien UFOs

Grusch’s claim under oath comes after he told Ross Coulthart that the U.S. government retrieved multiple “non-human origin technical vehicles” from crash sites within and outside the country.

“Call it spacecraft if you will,” he told Coulthart, “[the craft were] non-human, exotic origin… vehicles that either landed or crashed.”

When Coulthart asked if he meant the authorities were in the custody of technology created by non-human species, Grusch said yes.

In a follow-up report, author Michael Shellenberger claimed that multiple sources within the intelligence community confirmed Grusch’s shocking claim.

Intelligence officials, some of whom had testified before Congress, told Shellenberger they saw evidence that the government and military contractors possessed 12-15 alien spacecraft. Only about half were damaged.

The sources alleged that experts classified the UFOs into four categories based on their structures.

Rival govts are engaged in alien tech-driven arms race

The Debrief reported that retired army colonel Karl Nell confirmed that geopolitical rival nations were engaged in a “terrestrial arms race” to reverse-engineer technologies of “non-human” origin.

An intelligence official with the National Air and Space Intelligence Center claimed that UFO “retrievals” were not “limited to the United States.”

“This is a global phenomenon, and yet a global solution continues to elude us,” the official speaking under the pseudonym Jonathan Grey said.

Shellenberger’s sources gave conflicting information about the success of programs to reverse engineer alien technology. Some said experts could not understand the science behind alien technology. Others alleged that experts learned to fly one of them and had made breakthroughs in reverse-engineering them.

Paranormal Papers reported that a former Marine claimed he saw clandestine military personnel (“men in black”) operating an advanced flying saucer machine in the Sumatran jungle during a humanitarian mission in 2009.

Where is the government storing alien technology?

The U.S. government allegedly stores retrieved alien UFOs at various top-secret facilities.

UFO conspiracy theorists have long identified Area 51, an Air Force facility near Groom Lake, Nevada, as one of the primary sites where the military store retrieved alien tech and conduct reverse-engineering projects.

Paranormal Papers reported that UFO researcher David Ascough claimed the military authorities moved the primary site of their reverse-engineering “black projects” from Area 51 to Dugway Proving Grounds, 85 miles southwest of Salt Lake City, Utah.

UFO investigator Ross Coulthart also claimed that a senior government scientist told him that military officials took him to a hangar at Wright-Patterson AFB (near Dayton, Ohio), where they stored UFO material. They showed him a lump of metal he believed to be a product of non-human welding technology.

The military authorities also allegedly store alien technology at various facilities managed by private contractors involved in the top-secret reverse-engineering programs.

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