Former Marine claims ‘men in black’ threatened him after military UFO sighting

Former Marine Michael Herrera claimed he saw American military personnel operating a flying saucer in the Sumatran jungle. Pic credit: Shawn Ryan Show/YouTube

Michael Herrera, a former Marine who claimed he saw U.S. military personnel operating a flying saucer UFO in the Sumatran jungle in 2009, said he fears for his safety after testifying about his experience.

Herrera voiced concern over his safety on the Shawn Ryan Show after he claimed in an interview with the Daily Mail in June that he and five other Marines saw military personnel operating a strange flying saucer UFO while deployed in Indonesia in 2009.

The military authorities deployed his unit on a humanitarian mission following a devastating earthquake and tsunami in Sumatra.

He kept silent about the incident after military “men in black” seized his camera and threatened him and his unit with dire consequences if they talked about what they saw.

He finally felt emboldened to break his silence after recent developments that have seen some people come forward as whistleblowers.

Herrara claimed he testified under oath to officials from the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

A hovering flying saucer UFO in the Indonesian jungle

Herrera served in the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit based in Okinawa, Japan.

He claimed that in 2009, his 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines Regiment, was deployed near Padang City, West Sumatra, Indonesia, on a humanitarian mission after a disastrous earthquake and tsunami in the region.

He was part of a team of six sent on October 8 to secure air drops outside Padang. During the mission, they chanced upon undercover military personnel operating a strange octagonal UFO unlike any they had ever seen.

They found the flying saucer parked in a clearing in the Sumatran forest. The clearing was in a valley beyond a hill.

“Men in black” guarded an octagonal UFO with a pyramidal top

The flying saucer UFO had an octagonal shape and a pyramidal top. It was about the size of a football field and hummed while hovering over a platform. The former Marine compared the sound of the humming to a guitar amplifier. It has multicolored rotating lights.

They saw men driving up in trucks to load cargo into the craft. After they had loaded the cargo, the flying saucer rose in the air and flew away at a great speed without disturbing nearby vegetation and trees.

It accelerated instantaneously to top speed and disappeared.

‘Men-in-black’ threatened Herrera and his colleagues

He and his colleagues showed curiosity about it and snapped pictures. But the military personnel guarding the craft were hostile.

They drew weapons and approached the men threateningly. After scanning their military IDs, they marched them to a hill overlooking the valley and ordered them to leave.

Later when they returned to Okinawa, a senior officer summoned them and warned them not to talk about what they saw. He threatened them with dire consequences, including prison and death.

He then forced them to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Herrera now fears for his safety

Intimidated, Herrera kept silent about the alleged UFO sighting incident until April 2023, when he testified to the AARO and Congress. He also shared his experience with the media. But now he fears he could suffer retribution.

Black helicopters circle his home in Denver

Herrera, who lives in Denver, alleged strange movements around his house since he went public.

The whistleblower claimed he saw black helicopters flying over his house. He believes clandestine operatives are stalking him.

On multiple occasions, the helicopters flew very low, nearly damaging his dad’s property and upsetting the family dogs.

He expressed concern that the people stalking him could kill him and then say he committed suicide. As a precaution, the military veteran told Ryan that he had no desire to harm or kill himself.

Other witnesses won’t talk out of fear of harm coming to them

Herrera said he contacted fellow witnesses before coming forward, but they refused to share their testimonies because they feared retribution.

The whistleblower’s claim that he and members of the unit who witnessed the incident are fearful of harm coming them is consistent with recent comments by Senator Marco Rubio, vice chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

Paranormal Papers reported that Rubio confirmed that David Grusch was not the only former military and intelligence official who has come forward to share information.

He claimed that other people, including senior officials, have testified to Congress. But Rubios said many who came forward expressed concern that their decision could jeopardize their lives, careers, and personal safety.

Rubio said many were unwilling to share more details out of fear of the consequences.

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