Grusch alleged people were murdered to protect UFO secret program, investigator claimed

Investigator Ross Coulthart said that whistleblower David Grusch alleged people were murdered to protect govt UFO program. Pic credit: The Hill/YouTube

UFO investigator Ross Coulthart said Grusch told him during the explosive interview in June that people were murdered to protect government UFO secrets.

He also said that non-human intelligence may also have hurt or killed people.

Upcoming congressional UFO hearing is unique in history

Coulthart told The Hill that the upcoming congressional hearing on UFOs is unique because there has been no hearing on UAPs for decades. The last hearing occurred 55 years ago but yielded no results because Congress did not call the right people to testify.

However, the upcoming one is different because it involves a former senior intelligence officer who worked at the highest levels of intelligence agencies, including the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO).

The intelligence official wants to share what he learned during his work about non-human intelligence.

Coulthart recalled that during his explosive interview with Grusch, the whistleblower claimed he was aware of non-human intelligence on our planet and learned about it while working as an investigator for the UAP task force.

Coulthart concluded that the upcoming hearing on UFOs is significant because it is under oath. He added that news of the hearing scheduled for July 26 has aroused interest like there has never been before, and Americans are looking forward to it.

Govt did “un-American” things to protect UFO secrets

Ross Coulthart then talked about some of the explosive claims Grusch made during the interview. He said Grusch told him humans were murdered to protect the government’s UFO information.

Although Coulthourt implied that humans committed the murderers, he did not identify them.

However, Paranormal Papers previously reported that during the interview, Grush claimed that both the US and the USSR had competing UFO retrieval programs and that both were committed to keeping their programs secret.

Grusch alleged that the authorities committed crimes to protect their alien technology secrets.

When Coulthart asked whether the government killed people to protect UFO secrets, Grusch declined to share information. But he admitted he learned from his sources that the authorities did some “un-American” things.

Non-human intelligence may have hurt and killed people

Coulthart also revealed that Grusch alleged that non-human intelligence may have killed or hurt people.

But he did not share details about the circumstances under which the alleged murder or acts of violence occurred. He also did not say where or when the alleged incidents happened or who the victims were.

He told Coulthart he did not want to share the details because it was classified information. But he said he learned from people involved in the UFO programs that aliens may have been responsible for “malevolent events.”

When Coulthart asked whether he meant that aliens may have killed people, Grusch paused before admitting they might have “at one point” murdered people.

Grusch’s allegations are “incredible”

Coultart remarked that such allegations from a former intelligence officer previously tasked with investigating UAP phenomena were “incredible allegations.”

He added that the upcoming hearing was unique because it was the first time a Pentagon investigator claimed knowledge about UFO retrieval programs, government interaction with non-human intelligence, and the alleged activities of non-human intelligence on our planet.

It was also the first time a high-level Pentagon investigator was willing to testify under oath about what he knew about aliens and UFOs.

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