Russia runs UFO retrieval and reverse-engineering in Ural Mountains, investigator claims

UFO investigator Ross Coulthart claimed sources told him the Russians run a UFO program in the Ural Moutains. Pic credit: Project Unity/YouTube

UFO investigator Ross Coulthart claimed he learned from sources that the Russians run a UFO retrieval program in the Ural Mountains.

Russia allegedly runs its program in competition with corresponding UFO programs by the American and Chinese governments.

Coulthart’s latest claim comes after he interviewed whistleblower David Grusch for NewsNation.

Russia recovered multiple alien UFO spacecraft

Coulthart learned that the Russians recovered multiple alien spacecraft from crash sites within their territory. They are engaged in active reverse-engineering projects at a facility in the Ural Mountains.

According to the sources, the Russians have at least one alien spacecraft, while the Americans have many.

Paranormal Papers reported that intelligence sources claimed America has 12-15 alien spacecraft. They allegedly acquired the vehicles from various sources, including Italy during World War II and Roswell in New Mexico.

Some UFO conspiracy theorists even believe aliens have a military technology transfer agreement with the government.

The U.S. has spent hundreds of billions studying, analyzing, and reverse-engineering alien UFO technology.

The Chinese also have a UFO program

Coulthart learned that the Chinese have also entered the alleged alien technology-driven arms race.

Although they are behind in the race, they are working on catching up with the U.S. and Russia. They are trying to acquire intelligence about the American and Russian programs.

However, Coulthart did not say he learned the Chinese have also retrieved alien UFOs.

U.S. and adversarial nations are engaged in information warfare

Coulthart said that although he was sure that the government was in the custody of alien technology, he also believed the government could be orchestrating the release of information about UFOs.

The disclosures could be part of ongoing information warfare between the U.S. and its adversaries over their competing UFO programs.

The investigator speculated that the government is leaking UFO information to control the narrative with the citizenry and the international audience.

According to Coulthart, the government could be trying to make its geopolitical opponents believe the U.S. acquired alien technology more advanced than theirs.

They could also be trying to make them believe they had mastered alien UFO technology and developed military capabilities far more advanced than theirs.

Is the ongoing UFO disclosure government psyop?

Coulthart suggested that current and former officials sharing information with journalists and the media could be due to the government trying to control the narrative about UFOs.

He argued that if he were the president and knew his country had technology light years ahead, he would be lying about it to protect military secrets.

The U.S. could be running a disinformation campaign targeted at rival nations.

Grusch also claimed alien tech behind decades-long arms race

Coulthart’s claims follow up on previous allegations by the UFO whistleblower David Grusch.

Grusch, a former intelligence officer, alleged in an interview with NewsNation that the decades-long arms race between the U.S. and its geopolitical rivals was driven by alien technology recovered from crash sites.

He described the alleged arms race as the “publicly unknown Cold War.”

He alleged that the major powers are sitting on a trove of exotic technology. They are mastering it to gain a technological advantage over their adversaries.

Grusch said that alien UFO tech in the possession of the U.S., the former Soviet Union, the Russian Federation, and China included partially and fully intact spacecraft of exotic origin.

The U.S. and its allies share alien technology secrets and collaborate to reverse engineer exotic hardware.

The Debrief reported that multiple intelligence officials corroborated Grusch’s allegations.

Karl Nell, a former U.S. Army colonel and intelligence officer, said Grusch’s account about a “terrestrial arms race” driven by alien tech was “fundamentally correct.”

A National Air and Space Intelligence Center also confirmed that UFO retrievals were not limited to the U.S. Other countries also recovered alien spacecraft from crash sites.

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