Human experts described alien technology as mind-blowing, UFO investigator claims

Investigator Ross Coulthart said that experts with knowledge of UFO programs described alien technology as “mind-blowing.” Pic credit: Project Unity/YouTube

UFO investigator Ross Coulthart claimed that scientists and tech experts with knowledge of an alleged top-secret government UFO retrieval program described alien technology as “mind-blowing.”

The experts reportedly told the investigative journalist, known for conducting an explosive interview with whistleblower David Grusch on NewsNation, that extraterrestrial technology was so advanced that they could not understand or reverse-engineer it.

The alleged comments by science and technology experts were consistent with claims by Representative Tim Burchett, head of the House Oversight Committee group investigating UFOs, that alien UFOs were products of science and technology more advanced than humans have.

Burchett claimed that alien spacecraft fly faster than light and defy laws of physics known to humans.

Paranormal Papers also reported that David Sheehan, the attorney for an unnamed whistleblower, alleged that his client said the government retrieved a crashed alien UFO that warped the structure of spacetime.

A senior scientist told Coulthart he saw and handled alien tech

Coulthart claimed during a conversation with Project Unity’s Jay Anderson that he met a former senior scientist with the Department of Defense who was involved in the government UFO retrieval program.

The scientist claimed he saw and handled alien technology. He also claimed that government officials retrieved bodies from crash sites.

According to Coulthart, the scientist was an expert in an advanced technique called electron-beam welding.

After he left government service, he started a private company that worked with Pentagon. He used the sophisticated welding technique to build metal bodies for military machines.

The scientist received a call from officials at Wright-Patterson AFB who wanted him to come over and look at something they found.

When he got there, military officials took him to a facility where they stored alien technology and showed him a large lump of metal.

The metal was tough but light. It looked like a bulkhead taken from a large craft.

He recognized it was an alloy of some sort. He could guess the metal composition but declined to share the information with Coulthart.

Alien technology is beyond human comprehension

The officials asked the scientist to look at the metal and tell them whether he recognized the welding technology behind it.

They wanted to know if the technique was the same or similar to the electron-beam welding technique he had expertise in.

He examined the metal but couldn’t guess the technology behind its welding construction. It seemed to him that the metal parts were bonded at the atomic level using an advanced technique outside his knowledge and expertise.

Coulthart asked the scientist whether he thought the technology was extraterrestrial. He confessed he was at a loss about the nature of what he saw. He couldn’t give an opinion because it wasn’t like anything he’d seen before.

Alien UFO ‘technology is mind-blowing’

The scientist introduced Coulthart to other people involved in the alleged secret UFO retrieval program at different levels.

Coulthart said conversations with more than 20 people he met turned his worldview upside down.

The experts described alien technology as “mind-blowing.” They said extraterrestrial technology was so advanced that they could not understand or reverse engineer it.

It seemed to human experts that alien tech was a new type of physics.

Alien tech allegedly uses mind-machine interfacing

The experts reportedly told Coulthart they believed that alien technology involved mind-machine interfacing. The alleged technology allows the user’s mind to connect with and mentally control machines.

Coulthart concluded that he believed governments possess non-human technology. He was also sure that the alien machines were products of science and technology beyond human understanding.

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