Aliens are connected to humans, want to communicate, Aussie influencer claims

Aussie influencer Kurt Coleman believes aliens want to communicate with humans. Pic credit: kurtcoleman/Instagram

Australian Instagram star Kurt Coleman shared an alien encounter experience with his Instagram fans and followers earlier this week. He told his fans he encountered aliens many years ago while beach walking with a friend.

The Aussie influencer claimed that aliens in UFOs were connected with humans and wanted to communicate.

He said aliens communicated with him years ago, but he was afraid to share his experience. But now he wanted to be open about it.

The video was the latest installment of his “My UFO Story” series.

Aliens wanted to prove their existence to Coleman

One night, 12 years ago, Coleman was beach walking at night time with a friend in the Broadbeach suburb of Goldcast when he felt a sudden urge to stop and sit.

He asked his friend to sit with him for a while. The friend agreed.

After sitting quietly for about 10 seconds, they noticed the clouds moving fast overhead, and a beam of light emerged from the sea. The light circled over the water and flew into the sky, vanishing mysteriously.

The 25-year-old with 100k followers on Instagram said he believed aliens told him to sit because they wanted to use the strange lights to prove their presence.

The incident convinced him that aliens have a connection with humans. There was no better explanation for the sudden urge to sit.

The aliens must have communicated telepathically. The miraculous display of lights proved that he received communication from extraterrestrials.

The alien encounter was scary

The incident scared Coleman, and he never forgot it.

But he never summoned up the courage to talk about it. However, he felt encouraged to come forward with his testimony now that many people were open about their experiences.

“This one was craaaazy! I’ll NEVER EVER forget it,” he wrote. “I was scared to even tell anyone because it was full-on. But now that everyone’s seeing them, it reaffirms that they are definitely out there.”

[Note: You may view the video here on Instagram.]

Reactions on Instagram

Some of his fans also share their experiences.

One Instagram user claimed they also saw many UFOs over Brisbane.

“I have seen many over Brisbane/GC area!” the user wrote.

“That’s hectic!!” another responded excitedly. “u ever seen anything in Melbourne? me personally I seen some spooky ufo s***.”

Coleman previously shared his UFO sighting experiences

Coleman previously shared his UFO sighting experiences with fans.

He claimed he had seen UFOs more than 15 times and that most sightings occurred in the Gold Coast area.

[You may view the video here.]

He once saw a UFO emerging from the water and others circling in the sky. He added that UFOs were fast-flying craft.

He acknowledged that many would think he was weird. But he assured his fans he was telling the truth. He also knew other people who had seen the strange craft.

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