U.S. officials sighted flying saucer UFOs in the USSR

U.S. officials reported sighting two flying saucer UFOs while traveling in the USSR in 1955. Pic credit: Pixabay

Three U.S. officials described as “reliable observers” reported seeing flying saucer UFOs taking off while traveling in the Soviet Union in 1955.

According to a classified CIA file dated October 15, 1955, approved for release in 2004, CIA official Reuben Efron, Senator Richard Russell, and Lt. Colonel EU Hathaway were traveling by train during a visit to the USSR when they sighted strange craft that looked like flying saucers.

Soviet flying saucers took off “almost vertically”

The CIA report excerpted from an Air Force cable claimed the three officials were traveling by train through the Trancaucasus Region (South Caucasus) on October 4, 1955, when they saw two strange “mound and circular” aircraft resembling flying saucers.

They watched as the flying saucers took off “almost vertically” from the ground, one after the other a minute apart.

As they rose slowly in the air, the outer parts revolved, and “sparks of flame” shot from them. They rose to about 6,000 feet and sped off.

When the Soviet train operators saw the Americans watching, they quickly lowered the curtains and prevented them from looking out.

The Americans believed the machines were flying saucers.

Senator Russell and Efron were involved in JFK investigtion

Two of the three officials were later involved in investigations into the death of President John F. Kennedy.

Senator Richard Russell sat on the Warren Commission that investigated the assassination.

Documents relating to the assassination of the president recently declassified by President Biden included a memo that revealed that Efron was the CIA official who read Lee Harvey Oswald’s mail before he shot and killed the president on November 22, 1963.

The authorities redacted Efron’s name from previously released versions of the memo. However, it was not redacted in the new tranche of documents President Biden released.

Biden explained in a memorandum released on June 30 that he released the previously classified documents to provide the public with a “fuller understanding of the tragic assassination of President John F. Kennedy.”

The administration released them in compliance with the President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992.

The JFK Assassination Records Collection Act authorized the disclosure of information in classified documents related to the assassination.

Is there a JFK-UFO link?

Multiple media sources reported that some UFO conspiracy theorists believe that the involvement of Senator Russell and Efron in the investigation of JFK’s assassination years after they both reported sighting a UFO in the USSR was not a coincidence.

The conspiracy theorists speculated that it suggests they killed JFK to protect UFO secrets.

Some tried to link UFO whistleblower David Grusch’s allegation that some people were murdered to protect government UFO program secrets with JFK’s assassination.

Paranormal Papers previously reported that Grusch told investigator Ross Coulthart that the USSR and the United States knew about non-human intelligence and were committed to protecting their secrets.

According to the former intelligence officer, the government did “some really un-American things” to protect UFO secrets.

Grusch also alleged that non-human intelligence was responsible for “malevolent events.”

The Russians run a reverse-engineering program in the Urals

The news comes after Coulthart claimed that the Russians run a UFO retrieval and reverse-engineering program in the Ural Mountains.

The Russian UFO program has competed with the American program since the Soviet era.

According to Coulthart, the Russians may have recovered multiple UFOs from sites within the USSR. They established a facility in the Ural Mountains to analyze and reverse-engineer them.

The U.S. and Russia are engaged in an alien tech-driven arms race

Intelligence sources allegedly told Grusch that the two geopolitical rivals (America and Russia) are involved in a decades-old alien technology-driven arms race.

Grusch described the allegedly ongoing arms race involving the reverse-engineering of alien technology as the “publicly unknown Cold War.”

The Chinese have also entered the arms race

The Chinese are also interested in obtaining alien technology, but there is no information that they have recovered partially or fully intact UFOs.

According to Coulthart, his source said the Chinese were latecomers to the alien technology-driven arms race, but they were trying to catch up with Russia and America.

They have been spying on the American and Russian programs to learn about them.

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