UFOs generating 100 G-forces through ‘extreme acceleration’ prove alien tech, researcher claims

UFO researcher Robert Powell claimed that ‘extreme acceleration’ was evidence of alien technology. Pic credit: NewsNation/YouTube

A UFO investigator claimed we already have “hard” evidence of advanced alien technology from radar data showing flying machines that generate over 100 g-forces through “extreme acceleration.”

Robert Powell, executive board member of the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies, explained that UFOs capable of generating over 100 g-forces prove the existence of non-human origin technology because humans cannot build such machines.

We can expect House hearing provide evidence of secret UFO program

NewsNation first asked Powell to comment on what the public can expect of the upcoming congressional hearing on UFOs, scheduled for July 26 (see video below).

Powell answered that he expected the hearing to produce evidence about the alleged secret program for retrieving alien technology from crash sites.

He also hoped the investigation would source proof from official documents and make them available to the public.

However, he acknowledged it would be difficult for Congress to obtain classified documents that prove the existence of a secret UFO retrieval program.

We have evidence of machines that generate extreme G-forces

The anchor asked whether Americans can expect the hearing to produce “hard” evidence of alien technology.

Powell answered that we have already seen evidence of the existence of alien technology.

He said that one category of “hard” evidence we already have comes from radar data and reliable witness testimony that UFOs can generate 100 g-forces, about 100 times the force of gravity, through extreme acceleration and deceleration.

He added that our flying machines begin to lose structural integrity at g-forces between 15-20.

Thus, the radar-assisted observation of flying vehicles that generated over 100 g-forces suggested technology of non-human origin because human technology cannot produce them.

Extreme acceleration is a test of genuine UFO sighting

The NewsNation anchor noted that skeptics often claim that most UFO sightings were due to people mistaking natural phenomena for extraterrestrial activity.

She then asked Powell for his opinion on the attribute that is the most reliable indicator of the authenticity of a sighting.

Powell answered that the ability of a flying object to execute extreme acceleration indicated it was a real UFO.

He explained that human technology can’t achieve acceleration comparable to UFOs and that extreme g-forces were what we would expect of spacecraft designed for interstellar travel.

Alien technology is ‘mind-blowing,’ experts said

The latest claim comes after Paranormal Papers reported that UFO researcher Ross Coulthart said experts with knowledge of secret government programs described alien technology as “mind-blowing.”

Representative Tim Burchett also alleged that UFOs can travel faster than light and defy laws of physics known to human scientists.

The representative from Tennessee said that alien spacecraft can accelerate, decelerate or change altitude and direction in manners human scientists cannot comprehend.

In another report, the attorney for an unnamed whistleblower revealed that his client said that UFOs warped spacetime.

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