US Space Force reportedly detected thousands of UFOs in orbit

Aliens might have parked UFOs in orbit, researchers claimed. Pic credit: Pixabay

The US Space Force has detected thousands of UFOs in orbit around the Earth, sources within the Pentagon reportedly revealed. Senior officials are concerned about the potential threat to national security.

The sheer number of unknown objects complicates the efforts of the responsible security agencies to identify and monitor potential security threats.

While officials believe most are likely space junk, some, such as military satellites launched by adversary nations, are potential security threats.

UFO researchers also warned that aliens could be hiding UFOs among the “space junk.”

The latest news comes after Paranormal Papers reported that a clandestine office of the CIA known as the Office of Global Access (OGA) has retrieved at least nine UFOs since 2003.

Whistleblower David Grusch also alleged that the government recovered at least 10 alien bodies from crash sites.

Alien UFOs could be hiding in orbit

Space Force Officials reportedly share the concern expressed by some UFO researchers that alien technology could be hiding undetected among the thousands of unknown objects in Earth orbit, the Daily Mail reported.

The Space Force recently released a report that acknowledged the challenges of sorting through the junk to identify objects with “abnormal observables and patterns of life.”

UFOs with “abnormal observables”

Paranormal Papers reported that researchers identified “abnormal observables” as a “test” of genuine UFO sightings.

Robert Powell of the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies argued that humans have obtained “hard” evidence of ET technology from radar data. The data shows UFOs exhibiting “abnormal observables” engineers could not ascribe to human technology.

According to the researcher, we have evidence of UFOs that can generate extreme g-forces of up to 100 due to sudden or instantaneous acceleration. Others can change direction instantaneously and travel faster than any human-made machine.

Powell argued that the data proved ET technology because humans cannot design or build flying machines that can withstand extreme g-forces.

Other “observables” associated with “genuine” UFO sightings include unusually low radar signatures and the ability to perform trans-medium travel.

Transmedia flying machines can transit instantaneously from air to sea or outer space.

ETs have “abnormal patterns of life”

“Patterns of life” refer to the detectable properties of biological systems, such as the heat signatures characteristic of human bodies.

“Abnormal patterns of life” implies unfamiliar biosignatures ascribed to ETs.

UFO whistleblower David Grusch claimed that human scientists have encountered non-human “biologics” with exotic physiology they could not understand.

UFO investigator Ross Coulthart said he spoke with government scientists and tech experts with knowledge of UFO retrieval programs who claimed they handled alien tech.

The scientists believed that advanced ET tech involved mind-machine interfacing and were extensions of alien biological systems.

Thus, alien UFOs that are part biological and part machine could exhibit abnormal patterns of life due to having exotic physiology or bio-mechanical properties.

For instance, while testifying before Congress, Navy Cmdr. David Fravor (ret.) recalled that the 40-foot “Tic Tac” UFO he encountered on November 14, 2004, seemed to defy the laws of physics.

The UFO was similar to “giant flying propane tank.” It had no observable propulsion systems and no signs of a “thermal exhaust.”

The veteran pilot said he had never encountered a machine that could fly without any sign of a “thermal exhaust.”

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