CIA secret office has retrieved at least nine alien UFOs since 2003, whistleblowers claim

A secret CIA office has organized UFO retrieval missions since 2003, a source allegedly claimed. Pic credit: Pixabay

Whistleblowers allegedly revealed that an office of the CIA has been overseeing the recovery of alien UFOs from crash sites around the world since 2003. The alleged CIA office, known as the Office of Global Access (OGA), specializes in UFO retrieval missions.

According to the Daily Mail, a source revealed that OGA organized the recovery of at least nine UFOs in the last two decades.

The late news comes after Paranormal Papers reported that David Grusch alleged during a recent Joe Rogan podcast that the US government recovered at least nine alien bodies.

Grusch told Congress in July that the US authorities have alien bodies and UFOs.

What is OGA?

The sources claimed that OGA (the Office of Global Access) is the office of the CIA’s Science and Technology Directorate tasked with gaining or facilitating access to UFO crash sites around the world.

CIA official Doug Wolfe helped establish OGA in 2003 and served as its deputy director. His bio reportedly contains “cryptic references” to his alleged top-secret role as OGA deputy director (read Doug Wolfe’s bio here).

OGA oversees special black ops military units that conduct alien spacecraft retrieval missions across the globe. The units include SEAL Teams and the Delta Force under the Pentagon’s Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC).

They also include Nuclear Emergency Support Team (NEST) operatives.

OGA specializes in facilitating entry of the retrieval units into foreign countries, including hostile territory or behind enemy lines.

The whistleblowers claimed the office organized multiple UFO recovery missions. In most cases, the members of the black ops units were not aware of the nature of the exotic materials they retrieved from crash sites. They assumed they belonged to geopolitical adversaries, such as Russia and China.

After OGA successfully retrieves a crashed craft, the CIA hands it over to government aerospace contractors, who usually provide the storage facilities where experts analyze them. The contractors may also conduct reverse engineering research.

However, most of OGA’s missions involved retrieval of crashed conventional objects, such as adversary technology (downed missiles, aircraft, and satellites).

US has at least nine alien spacecraft

The sources claimed that agents with special training attached to OGA conducted multiple successful UFO recovery missions in the last two decades.

The US allegedly recovered “at least nine vehicles” or pieces of technology believed to be of exotic or non-human intelligence origin.

One source said the vehicles were in various physical conditions. Two were entirely intact, while the others were damaged or wrecked.

New tech detects “cloaked” UFOs

The sources alleged that the US uses new advanced technology to detect “cloaked” alien spacecraft, 

After they detect a cloaked UFO, the CIA dispatches military units under OGA’s supervision to the sites within and outside the US.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer introduced UFO legislation

The latest shocking claims come after Paranormal Papers reported that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer led a congressional group that introduced new legislation granting the US government eminent domain over alien bodies and UFOs.

The wording of the legislation suggested that the government and its contractors are in possession of alien bodies and technology.

UFO researchers speculated that Schumer proposed the legislation in preparation for further stunning disclosures about alleged top-secret UFO programs.

The Senate Majority Leader had earlier introduced a bill establishing a committee tasked with reviewing and declassifying UFO-related files.

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