UK tourists reportedly spotted 15-foot Bigfoot built like Schwarzenegger

A bigfoot with a physique similar to Arnold Schwarzenegger was spotted near a UK beach. Pic credit: Pixabay

An alleged mass sighting of a Bigfoot-like creature in a wooded area near a beach in Norfolk, in eastern England, UK sparked safety concerns.

Multiple tourists and residents of Holkham Beach, Norfolk, reported sighting a gigantic bipedal monster they believed was a British version of the North American Bigfoot, the Daily Star reported.

Some witnesses estimated the height of the British Bigfoot at about 15 feet and claimed it had an impressive physique resembling “Arnold Schwarzenegger.”

The latest news comes after a mother and son pair hunting grouse on the Leech Lake Reservation in Minnesota reported encountering an 8-foot-tall Bigfoot built like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Several other people reportedly sighted the monster.

A Welsh Bigfoot hunter also claimed they stumbled upon Bigfoot footprints the size of Shaquille O’Neal’s shoe size.

A tourist spotted the Schwarzenegger-like Bigfoot

A tourist strolling on the beach was the first to report the sighting. Following the first report, other tourists and residents claimed they saw a similar creature. Some stumbled upon giant footprints in the sand.

One tourist claimed he saw the creature while answering nature’s call behind dunes on the beach near a wooded area.

The tourist was paddleboarding with friends when he retired behind the dunes to relieve himself. He noticed movement nearby and turned to look. He saw a 15-foot-tall Bigfoot built like Schwarzenegger walking toward the pine forest.

The tourist estimated the creature’s height at about 15 feet because it seemed more than twice his height. It looked at the tourist as it walked away. Then it took to its heels, disappearing in the forest.

The witness recalled feeling rooted to the spot in fright for several seconds.

“I told my friends what I’d seen, but they just laughed at me and told me I should get some glasses,” he said.

Monster footprints in the sand

A resident named Clemmie Long reported encountering monster footprints in the sand while walking her dog.

The 31-year-old said her dog, Dusty, discovered the footprints. While they walked on the beach, the dog suddenly veered in another direction, sniffing the ground. Clemmie said the dog pulled her along until they came upon the footprints.

She said the footprints were at least five times the size of adult human footprints.

Bigfoot folklore

Another resident, Graham Yardley, said people have shared stories about a Bigfoot creature in the the woods around Holkham Beach for generations.

He recalled his father telling stories about the creature stealing sheep and cattle from farms.

Paranormal Papers reported that Bigfoot-like creatures are known as Woodwoses in British folklore. However, Andy McGrath, an expert in British cryptids, said Woodwoses were extinct on the Isles.

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