Bigfoot hunters allegedly found footprints bigger than Shaquille O’Neal’s in Wales

Bigfoot hunters allegedly found Sasquatch footprints in Wales larger than Shaq’s. Pic credit: via New York Post/YouTube

Bigfoot researchers believe they may have found evidence that the elusive cryptid roams the forests of Wales.

Bigfoot hunter Jason Kenzie and his team reported oversized humanoid footprints and a primitive shelter made from sticks in the forest near Caerphilly in South Wales.

The team allegedly discovered the footprints while investigating reports of Bigfoot-like creatures in Wales for a new TV series, the Daily Star reported.

Bigfoot footprints bigger than Shaq’s

The humanoid footprints measured about 16 inches in length, much larger than the foot of an average adult human male (10.6 inches-12 inches).

Some compared the size of the footprints to Shaquille O’Neal’s.

However, the 7-foot-1-inch basketball player reportedly wears size 22 shoes (nearly 15 inches), although his exact shoe size is 20.

He claimed he felt more comfortable in oversized shoes.

Footprint anatomical structure suggested Bigfoot

The hunters believed the footprints belonged to a Sasquatch roaming the woods and that the cryptid likely built the structure from sticks.

According to Kenzie, the prints show the foot and toes. He explained that they also show a feature called the “midtarsal break,” supposedly characteristic of Bigfoot.

[Note: The midtarsal break refers to the ability of some non-human primates to lift the heel off the ground without lifting the rest of the foot.]

However, Kenzie acknowledged that the alleged midtarsal break did not conclusively prove that a Sasquatch left the footprints because other non-human primates also exhibit the trait.

However, he believed the size of the footprint suggested a Sasquatch.

Are there Bigfoot in Welsh woodlands?

Researchers have long believed that the Sasquatch is native to the wooded areas of Wales. Some hunters even claimed to have spotted Bigfoot-like creatures in the forests.

A man reported he captured footage showing a furry “critter” near Caerphilly in 2016.

Woodwoses extinct on the British Isles, expert claimed

However, some skeptics insisted they found no conclusive evidence of Bigfoot-like creatures, known as woodwoses, on the British Isles.

Paranormal Papers reported that cryptid expert Andy McGrath, who has spent years searching for evidence of Woodwoses in Britain, recently concluded they were extinct on the British Isles.

According to McGrath, although Medieval folklore referenced Bigfoot-like creatures or Woodwoses in British forests, years of search have proved fruitless.

But he believed that Nessie was still alive in the lochs of the Scottish Highlands.

Young hunter allegedly found footprints in England

Despite McGrath’s claim that Sasquatches are extinct on the British Isles, Sasquatch hunters continue reporting evidence of the cryptids.

Fourteen-year-old Daniel Barnett recently reported discovering footprints in the woods near Bridgwater in Somerset, England.

The young enthusiast sent samples from the print to a top laboratory in the U.K. and received surprising test results.

The results suggested he may have stumbled on Sasquatch evidence.

Lab analysts said they detected DNA belonging to a hominid and another to an Old World ape of the family Cercopithecidae.

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