‘Pearl white’ tic tac-shaped UFO spotted over Clovis

Mysterious UFO spotted over Clovis, California. Pic credit: via The National Desk/YouTube

Jason Beard reported filming a “pearl white” UFO shaped like a tic tac over Clovis, California.

Beard, who lives in Clovis, told Fox26 that he happened to look up around midday on Sunday, October 22, when he saw a spinning “pearl white” UFO flying in the air.

The spinning object moved at great speed and had something resembling a ball of energy beneath it. He whipped out his phone and filmed it.

Spinning UFO vanished “like the speed of lightning”

The video (see below) shows a white object flying near the clouds. The person filming it expresses amazement.

“What the **** is that? See that… what I’m looking at?”

Beard said he watched the object gliding for some time before it disappeared in the clouds “like the speed of lightning.”

He shared the video on social media and suggested the UFO proved that humans are not alone in the universe.

Anticipating skeptical responses, he insisted he was sure of what he saw. It was not a regular human-made craft but a “pearl white” UFO with a “round energy ball below it”

“I can’t deny what I saw. We are not alone people,” he wrote.

UFO expert analyzed the video

A UFO expert analyzed the video on Instagram (@tictacufo) using filters that allegedly allowed him to see the energy field surrounding the flying object.

The analyst concluded it was a tic tac-shaped UFO surrounded by a circular halo of energy (see video below).

The YouTube expert claimed the filters revealed a white-colored blob or mass of energy in the middle of a circular band of purple energy.

The analyst believed the white blob of energy represented the antigravity force that made the UFO fly.

“I’m not a physicist [but] that’s the antigravity energy, ” the analyst said. “There has to be a certain way that these objects can fly so they emit this energy.”

“It looked ancient. It looked unhuman,” the YouTuber concluded in awe.

Skeptics clashed with believers

Some social media users were skeptical that it was a UFO. Some thought it was only a drone, while others suggested it was most likely a “silver mylar balloon that got away.”

The skeptics clashed with the believers who insisted the object did not look like any human-made drone.

One believer argued that the energy surrounding the object was a “warp bubble.” According to the believer, the warp bubble was “curving spacetime around itself and the light passing through gets lensed [or] shifted to a different wavelength.”

Other believers shared their encounters with UFOs in the Clovis area.

A YouTuber user said they had also seen “unknown air crafts” over Clovis.

“I don’t know what they are, but it’s starting to be a common thing around here,” the believer said.

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