USAF officer recalls panic after ‘gigantic floating red square’ UFO appeared over AFB

Former USAF security officer Jeff Nuccetelli interviewed witnesses who saw a “red square” UFO over Vandenberg AFB. Pic credit: Merged Podcast/YouTube

A former US Air Force official recalled his experience investigating an alleged mass sighting of a “glowing red square” UFO over Vandenberg AFB (now Vandenberg Space Force Base) in California.

According to former USAF security officer Jeff Nuccetelli, several USAF personnel and military contractors saw a “gigantic floating red square” UFO hovering and flying erratically over the base on October 14, 2003.

Nuccetelli, who appeared on a recent episode of the Merge Podcast (see video below), claimed that more than 80 USAF personnel were present at the Vandenburg base during the incident.

The witnesses included USAF police officers and Boeing contractors working at the site.

Nuccetelli recounted his experience on Merged Podcast after he gave sworn testimony in Congress last July.

‘Gigantic floating red square’ UFO over Vandenberg AFB

Nuccetelli told the Merged Podcast host, former Navy fighter pilot Ryan Graves, that the incident occurred before midday.

Several Boeing military contractors were working at the base when a “gigantic floating red square” UFO about 100 yards across (the size of a football field) suddenly appeared overhead.

He said the sudden appearance of the craft caused pandemonium. Contractors and security officials panicked because they had no idea what it was.

He recalled hearing officers screaming over the radio and shouting in fright as they described the object and its erratic flight over the base launchpad.

“Everybody was excited. They were scared. Everyone freaked out,” Nuccetelli said.

Nuccetelli investigated the sighting

Nuccetelli said he was part of a team that investigated the incident. He recalled interviewing about six officers on guard duty during the sighting.

They all recalled that the object was big, square-shaped, and glowing red. It moved erratically but silently at a low altitude over the launchpads as if observing operations.

The former USAF security officer said he could vouch for the reliability of the men he interviewed.

They were trained Air Fore officers familiar with observing aerial phenomena and could reasonably be trusted to give an honest and professional account.

Navy pilot Ryan Graves testified before Congress about the incident

Paranormal Papers reported in July that Merged podcast host Navy pilot Ryan Graves testified before Congress about the Vandenburg UFO mass sighting.

He said some witnesses contacted his Americans for Safe Aerospace organization. They claimed the UFO (described in Graves’ testimony as cube-shaped) appeared at the base at about 8:45 am on October 14, 2003.

It hovered at a low altitude for several seconds before flying off. But it returned later in the day, just before sunset.

During the second incident, the UFO reportedly behaved aggressively. It changed toward security officials but turned back suddenly.

It repeated the strange aggressive behavior multiple times for unknown reasons.

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