Former Navy Commander details 2004 ‘Tic Tac’ UFO encounter

Navy CDR. David Fravor (ret.) described the famous 2004 ‘Tic Tac’ UFO encounter during the congressional hearing on UFOs. Pic credit: C-SPAN/YouTube

While testifying under oath as a witness during the congressional hearing on Wednesday (July 26), David Fravor, a retired Commander of the US Navy, shared details of his experience during the famous Tic Tac UFO encounter in 2004.

Many UFO researchers consider the Tic Tac UAP incident one of the best-documented and most reliable sightings ever.

Fravor was the commanding officer of the Black Aces (Strike Fighter Squadron 41/VFA-41) attached to the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group when the Tic Tac sighting occurred on November 14, 2004.

Fravor received instructions to investigate a UAP

He recalled they were having a two-month training exercise off the coast of San Diego (California) and scheduled for a training flight with the USS Princeton as their control.

But after he and his squadron members took off from the Nimitz, they learned they had suspended the training and would have to proceed with a mission to investigate an unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAP).

As they flew west, the controller counted down the range to the target object, but they were unaware of what they would see.

The controller only explained that the UAP had been observed for two weeks coming down from 80,000 feet, rapidly descending to 20,000 feet, and hanging out for hours before going back up.

Whitewater and Tic Tac UFO with no wings or visible propulsion

When they arrived at the location–about 20,000 feet–the controller told them they were near the target object. They looked around and noticed whitewater to the right in the blue ocean.

Fravor noted that the weather on that day was as close to perfect as one would expect off the coast of San Diego. The skies were clear, and the seas and winds were calm. But they saw an area of whitewater to the right that stood out in contrast with the surrounding calm blue waters.

[Note: Whitewater refers to a section of water, such as rapids, with a turbulent, rough, broken, or foamy surface, due to a change in gradient or presence of obstructing bodies, such as rocks.]

The crew looked down and saw a white Tic Tac-shaped object with a longitudinal axis pointing north-south. They observed it moving abruptly over the water like a ping-pong ball.

It had no rotors, rotor wash, visible signs of propulsion, or wings.

Fravor and another squadron member decided to go down and take a closer look while the rest of the team stayed to observe.

Tic Tac UFO traveled at hypersonic speed

After they started the descent, the object shifted its longitudinal axis and aligned it with their aircraft.

As they approached, it rapidly accelerated in front of them and disappeared. The observing members of the squadron also lost contact with it.

When they turned back to look, they found that the whitewater had disappeared.

The controller told them that the object had accelerated and moved 60 miles away in less than a minute. That meant it accelerated instantaneously to a speed of at least 3,600 mph.

[Note: Supersonic speed is 768mph; Hypersonic speed exceeds five times supersonic speed–Mach 5.]

Fravor shocked there was no investigation

Pentagon later released the 90-second video he took during the encounter (see video below). However, they never released the radar, and Fravor didn’t know what happened.

Fravor also noted that as they approached the object, it disabled their sensors.

The Navy pilot said that as far he could tell, the authorities did not investigate. They did not interview crew members until years later when some officials contacted them.

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