Harvard professor responds to Grusch: Holographic principle not relevant to UAPs

Harvard professor Avi Loeb responded to Grusch, saying that the holographic principle was irrelevant to UAPs. Pic credit: The Hill/YouTube

Harvard professor Avi Loeb reacted to the claim by whistleblower David Grusch that UAPs invading US air space could be interdimensional.

Grusch suggested that UAPs could be interdimensional while testifying under oath during the congressional hearing on Wednesday (July 26).

He also suggested that the holographic principle could provide a theoretical framework for understanding the interdimensionality of UAPs.

However, Professor Avi Loeb reacted to Grusch’s claim, saying that interdimensionality and the holographic principle were irrelevant to UAP phenomena.

Who is Professor Avi Loeb?

Avi Loeb is an astrophysicist. He is the Frank B. Baird Jr. Professor of Science at Harvard University and the director of the university’s Black Hole Initiative.

He is also the author of Interstellar: The Search for Extraterrestrial Life and Our Future in the Stars.

Loeb drew media attention in June when he reported that his team retrieved interstellar material from the floor of the Pacific Ocean that may have been the product of alien technology.

Interdimensionalilty, holographic principle, and UAPs

During the hearing, Congressman Eric Burlison from Missouri asked Grusch to explain his suggestion that UAPs could be interdimensional (see video below: 1:37:15).

Grusch said the holographic principle provided a theoretical framework for understanding the interdimensional UFO hypothesis.

He then attempted to explain the holographic principle by borrowing the analogy of three-dimensional humans throwing shadows on a two-dimensional plane, such as the surface of a wall or screen.

He claimed that within the theoretical framework of the holographic principle, one could imagine beings from higher-dimensional spaces projecting themselves to lower-dimensional ones.

Burlison asked whether he had seen any documentation of the principle in the real world.

Grusch answered that it was only a theoretical framework discussion among physicists.

Avi Loeb: Holographic principle is not relevant to UAP phenomena

NewsNation asked Professor Loeb for his expert opinion on Grusch’s suggestion that UFOs could be interdimensional and that the holographic principle offered a theoretical framework for conceptualizing interdimensionality.

Loeb dismissed the idea that the holographic principle, as understood by physicists, was relevant to UAP phenomena.

Holographic principle is a concept within string theory

According to Loeb, the holographic principle is a concept in string theory. It is a theoretical framework proposed to unify quantum mechanics and gravity.

String theory postulates extra dimensions in addition to the dimensions of space of time.

We know of three dimensions of space, and time is a fourth dimension. But according to string theory, we need to consider additional spatial dimensions to unify quantum mechanics and gravity.

String theory is purely theoretical

Loeb explained that theoretical physicists have demonstrated some equivalence between quantum field theory and gravity within extra dimensions.

However, the relevance of the mathematics behind string theory is questionable because it is not known to be a description of reality.

String theory is a purely theoretical or mathematical concept at the moment, Loeb continued. Even though physicists have been theorizing about extra dimensions of space for decades, they have no evidence that they exist.

String theory has no relevance to technology or the real world

Loeb argued that it was inappropriate to talk about extra dimensions or interdimensionality in the context of alien technology because we have no evidence that extra dimensions exist in reality.

He said physicists have no empirical evidence supporting string theory. They also have no experimental evidence, and there are no prospects of getting it in the coming decades.

Thus, it has no relevance to technology or the real world.

Loeb concluded he was surprised that Grusch brought it up in the discussion of alien technology.

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