Interdimensionality, holographic principle could explain UAPs, whistleblower claims

UFO whistleblower David Grusch suggested that interdimensionality and the holographic principle could explain UFOs and aliens. Pic credit: PBC NewsHour/YouTube

While answering questions about the alleged secret government UFO retrieval program at the congressional hearing on Wednesday (July 26), whistleblower David Grusch suggested that aliens controlling UAPs intruding in U.S. national space could be interdimensional beings.

The former intelligence officer, who has a physics degree, suggested that a theoretical framework for understanding interdimensionality is the holographic principle.

[Note: Grusch was effectively suggesting that the interdimensional UFO hypothesis could be a valid alternative to the extraterrestrial hypothesis as an explanation of UAP phenomena.]

Grusch hasn’t seen alien bodies recovered from crash sites

Representative Eric Burlison from Missouri questioned Grusch about the claim that the government was in the custody of intact alien spacecraft and bodies (see video below: start 1:36: 00).

He asked whether Grusch had seen the alleged alien spacecraft.

Grusch affirmed that the government was in the custody of alien spacecraft, but he could not describe what he had seen in an open forum. He offered to answer the question “behind closed doors.”

When Burlison asked whether the whistleblower had seen any alien bodies, he admitted that he hadn’t.

Why are advanced aliens crashing so many spacecraft on Earth?

Congressman Burlison then said that an aspect of the whistleblower’s testimony that he found intriguing was the suggestion that technologically advanced aliens visiting us were crashing so many spacecraft on our planet.

He was intrigued by the claim because millions of light years separate the Earth from the nearest stars with planets that have the potential for life. It seemed to him strange that alien species with science so advanced that they could cover the vast distances separating our star systems would be so incompetent as to end up crashing so many spacecraft on arrival.

Burlison also asked Grusch to explain previous comments that UAPs could be interdimensional.

Even advanced aliens have a mission failure rate

Grusch explained that projects such as long-distance space travel would have a failure rate regardless of how technologically advanced or intelligent the species involved were.

He said that aliens sending many spacecraft in our direction would have a mission failure rate no matter how small it was.

Interdimensionality and the holographic principle

Grusch also explained that the holographic principle was a theoretical framework for understanding the concept of interdimensionality or multidimensionality. He claimed that the principle came from general relativity and quantum mechanics.

According to Grusch, the holographic principle proposes beings or universes with more spatial dimensions than ours.

Humans live in three-dimensional space (length, width, and height). Grush suggested that we could conceptualize the idea of the holographic principle by imagining a three-dimensional human projecting a two-dimensional image of themselves on a two-dimensional plane.

In the same way, a multidimensional being could achieve interdimensionality by projecting themselves from a higher multidimensional space to ours.

Higher dimensional aliens could be projecting to our world

“[Higher dimensional beings] could be quasi-projected from higher dimensional space to lower-dimensional space,” Grusch explained. “There is a scientific trope that you can actually cross literally as far as I understand, but it’s probably guys with PhDs who can argue about that.”

Burlison then asked whether Grusch had seen any documentation or demonstration of the holographic principle.

The whistleblower answered that the principle was only a theoretical framework discussion among scientists.

UAPs could be advanced programs run by U.S. military contractors

Burlison then proposed adopting Occam’s razor to analyze the question of UAPs.

He suggested that UAPs could be advanced spacecraft undergoing development and testing by U.S. military contractors.

He then suggested a hypothetical scenario where a top-secret program testing an advanced aircraft crashes it, and another agency unaware of the program recovers it and mistakes it for an alien craft.

Grusch answered that Burlinson had suggested a hypothetical situation that he wasn’t aware ever happened.

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