Sasquatch is an interdimensional spacetime traveler, investigator claimed

An expert claimed that Sasquatch or Bigfoot is an interdimensional creature. Pic credit: Pixabay

A Sasquatch expert claimed that evidence suggests that the elusive cryptid is an interdimensional spacetime-traveling creature.

According to Stan Gordon, the likely reason why so many people claim to have seen a Sasquatch but no one has provided irrefutable physical evidence is that it is a paranormal entity that engages in interdimensional spacetime travel.

No one has captured a Sasquatch because the creature eludes hunters by passing at will through concealed portals into other spacetime dimensions.

Multiple Sasquatch researchers have recently made similar claims about the legendary cryptid.

Paranormal Papers reported that researcher Robert Bartholomew suggested that the cryptid is an interdimensional entity. According to Bartholomew, interdimensionality explains why no one has reported seeing a Sasquatch family consisting of a Daddyfoot, Mommiefoot, and Babyfoot in the wild.

The researcher concluded that the cryptid was from the same realm as UFOs.

Sasquatch is beyond human scientific understanding

Gordon made the claims in the documentary Paranormal Declassified: Tracking Bigfoot with investigator Paul Beban.

He told Beban that we have enough evidence supporting the existence of the cryptid from multiple independent sightings in forests across the North American continent.

However, no one has provided irrefutable physical evidence of the beast in the form of a live specimen or a dead body because Sasquatch can escape capture by vanishing into thin air.

Gordon said he and his team of Sasquatch hunters have received multiple reports of Bigfoot appearing to vanish mysteriously. But it doesn’t simply disappear, according to Gordon. It can engage in interdimensional travel.

Interdimensional travel, according to paranormal theorists, has space and time dimensions. An interdimensional spacetime traveler can achieve instantaneous translocation in space or transition back and forth in time.

So, how do we explain the ability of a beast to achieve feats that human physicists have no clue about?

Gordon admitted that the nature of Bigfoot is beyond the current status of human scientific knowledge.

Vanishing tracks suggest interdimensional

Gordon cited his experience to support his theory that the legendary cryptid is likely an interdimensional entity.

He said that on multiple occasions, they received tip-offs about the location of a Sasquatch. But the creature would have vanished without a trace by the time they reached the scene, leaving only tracks that end abruptly.

Gordon is not the first researcher to point out the supposedly baffling pattern of tracks stopping abruptly, as if the creature took a few steps before vanishing.

Bigfoot hunters regularly report stumbling upon footprints in the forests across North America. They also share photos of the alleged sightings on social media platforms.

But skeptics have pointed out that the tracks often ended suddenly, as if the creature vanished after taking a few steps. In some cases, the photos show only one footprint, as if the creature stood on one leg and disappeared.

Skeptics claimed that tracks abruptly stopping suggested the footprints were forgeries. However, many believers have tried to explain the perplexing pattern by proposing the interdimensional cryptid theory.

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