Bigfoot is an interdimensional cryptid, expert claims

An expert argued that the elusiveness of Bigfoot suggests it is an interdimensional being. Pic credit: Pixabay

A Bigfoot expert claimed that the elusiveness of the Bigfoot suggests it is a paranormal creature from another dimension.

Bigfoot researcher Robert Bartholomew proposed that Bigfoot is an interdimensional cryptid in a new episode of Nub TV titled Why We Need Our Monsters, the Daily Star reported.

No one ever found a Bigfoot corpse

The question of whether Bigfoot exists remains a mystery, the researcher claimed

Although believers have shared alleged footprints, blurry photos, and videos purportedly proving the cryptid exists, no one has ever captured one.

Despite the absence of conclusive proof about the existence of the legendary humanoid, Bartholomew believes they exist. He argued that a compelling reason to believe they must be interdimensional is that no one has found a Bigfoot corpse.

If Bigfoot is native to our dimension and to the Pacific Northwest, as believers claim, hunters should have found a dead one after so many years of searching.

He argued that the high incidence of wildfires in the Pacific Northwest means that a Bigfoot corpse should have turned up over the years to confirm the creature exists.

The decomposing corpse of an alleged 7-8-foot creature shouldn’t be so elusive.

Why hasn’t anyone found a Mommiefoot or a Babyfoot?

Bartholomew also argued that if Bigfoot is native to our dimension and the Pacific Northwest as claimed, it is strange that almost all claims of Bigfoot sightings involved lone individuals.

Why has no one ever reported seeing a Bigfoot family, including a Daddyfoot, a Mommiefoot, and a Babyfoot?

Bigfoot allegedly from same interdimensional realm as UFOs

The Bigfoot expert then proposed that the absence of direct evidence of Bigfoot suggested they were interdimensional beings from the same realm as aliens and UFOs.

Although not all believers claim that aliens and UFOs are interdimensional, the belief is widespread in UFO enthusiast circles.

UFO whistleblower David Grusch suggested while testifying on UAPs before Congress in July that UFOs could be interdimensional.

Paranormal Papers reported that Harvard professor Avi Loeb rejected the idea that UFOs were interdimensional. The professor of physics insisted that UFOs don’t defy any known laws of physics. Thus, there was no need to invoke inter-dimensionality to explain them.

It is also not the first time someone has claimed that cryptids, such as Bigfoot, Loch Ness, Nahuelito, Cadborosaurus, and Lake Worth Monster, are interdimensional creatures.

Paranormal researchers believe the Montiak, an alleged Bigfoot-like creature that reportedly terrorized communities in the Alaska Triangle in the middle of the 1900s, was interdimensional

Interdimensional cryptids are paranormal

Bartholomew claimed that interdimensional phenomenon was paranormal in nature. He said that the elusive nature of Bigfoot suggested it was not a physical creature but supernatural.

“These beings are supernatural in origin from another dimension which is what they are finding out in places like the Skinwalker Ranch,” he said.

The latest episode of Nub TV, Why We Need Our Monsters, airs Tuesday, September 26, at 9 pm UK time, Sky Channel.

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1 month ago

I did read one account of a man getting abducted by a family of big foots, with children.
Personally, I think that there was a species of this animal long ago.
They lived in very remote and rugged terrain. They prob are extinct now, or nearly so.
Except, now we have the US govt creating laser beam hologram bigfoots to scare people away from secret installations.

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