Aliens in a UFO turned 23 Soviet soldiers to limestone, alleged CIA report claimed

Aliens in a UFO turned 23 Soviet soldiers to stone, an alleged CIA report claimed. Pic credit: Pixabay

An alleged CIA report claimed that aliens in a flying saucer turned 23 Soviet soldiers into limestone during a UFO encounter in the 1980s.

Joe Rogan read a report containing the claim during a recent podcast (see YouTube video below).

According to Rogan, a 250-page CIA report compiled in 1993 included a sensational story about a hostile encounter between a flying saucer UFO and Soviet Armed Forces engaged in a training exercise in the 1980s.

The classified CIA document allegedly referenced a previous KGB report uncovered by Ukrainian sources.

However, the authenticity of the alleged CIA report and the Soviet source remains unconfirmed, and the sensational claim has met with skepticism.

The latest sensational story comes after Paranormal Papers reported a claim that mysterious UFOS that appeared over a nuclear missile base in Soviet Ukraine nearly caused a nuclear war after taking control over missile launch systems.

Soviet forces allegedly shot down a UFO

The alleged CIA report claimed that during training maneuvers, Soviet forces observed a UFO flying overhead at a low altitude. The military unit opened fire on the UFO with a SAM and hit it.

It crashed at a spot nearby. When the troops approached it, they saw five short-statured alien creatures emerging.

The aliens had humanoid features with dark eyes and large heads.

Five aliens fused into one entity

According to the alleged testimony of the soldiers who survived the deadly encounter, the five aliens merged into a single entity.

The entity then turned into an orb-like structure that emitted a buzzing, hissing, or sizzling sound. The orb expanded as it sizzled and turned white hot.

The white-hot orb then flared and exploded in a blinding flash. As the object exploded, 23 soldiers at the scene turned into limestone pillars.

Only two soldiers who took cover at the moment of the explosion survived.

Soviet authorities hushed up the incident

The alleged report then claimed that the Soviet authorities hushed up the incident. They secretly transported the UFO wreckage and the petrified soldiers to a secret research facility outside Moscow.

The whereabouts of the alleged UFO debris and the petrified soldiers remain unknown. The authorities also guarded the identities of the surviving soldiers.

Experts who studied the petrified troops could not explain the science and technology behind the alien weapons. However, they speculated that the radiation from the explosion transformed their biological tissues.

Around the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev allegedly ordered the KGB to destroy all documents relating to the bizarre incident. But someone smuggled copies to the West, and the CIA got hold of them.

One of the smuggled documents allegedly reports Gorbachev saying the incident proved the existence of aliens and that the authorities should take the threat more seriously.

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