Bigfoot hunter allegedly finds monster nine-inch-wide footprints Virginia woods

Alleged nine-inch-wide Bigfoot print found in Ritchie County, Virginia. Pic credit: Chuck Headley/via Bigfoot Believers Facebook

A Bigfoot hunter allegedly stumbled upon monster nine-inch footprints in Virginia woods.

Facebook user Chuck Headley took to the Bigfoot Believers page on November 24 to share photos showing giant humanoid footprints he allegedly stumbled upon in Ritchie County, West Virginia.

The photos show giant footprints imprinted in mud close to a pool of water. It suggested that a massive humanoid creature waded out of the water and left footprints on the muddy ground.

The footprints had five toes. A measuring tape placed across a print shows it was nine inches wide below the toes.

The print sparked discussion on the Bigfoot Believers page. Some users expressed skepticism, while others thought they were genuine.

Bigfoot skeptics responded

Many skeptics pointed out that all the photos showed one print.

“Lol why always one print? One step [and] then they fly?” a skeptic commented sarcastically.

Some joked in response, saying that Sasquatchs have wings. It flies or goes “interdimensional” after imprinting a foot in mud. Another suggested tongue-in-cheek that cryptozoologists named it Bigfoot instead of Bigfeet because it has only one foot.

“Why is there always only one footprint?” someone asked.” What? Bigfoot only hops on one foot and then lands a mile away?”

However, some believers denied that the photos showed the same footprint.

“No, it’s a picture of one print. There are a lot [of] others,” a user said.

Alleged Bigfoot print in mud, Ritchie County, Virginia. Pic credit: Chuck Headley/via Bigfoot Believers Facebook

Believers chimed in

Other Facebook users seemed convinced that the footprint was genuine. They hailed it as the latest proof that Sasquatch exists.

Some believers who learned that the sighting occurred in Richtie County expressed fear for their safety.

“I hunt next door in Gilmer right at the Ritchie Co line,” a worried resident commented.

Others shared their experiences.

“I lived in Ellenboro for a while. Ritchie County has a lot of weird spots that I would not go to alone,” a viewer wrote.

Some berated skeptics for ridiculing believers.

“Why do people have to ridicule other people,” a believer asked. “If you don’t believe stay off these [sites]. No one forces you to read these.”

Bigfoot lives, believers claim

Bigfoot Believers regularly share supposed footprints and blurry video evidence of the existence of the elusive cryptid on social media.

Paranormal Papers reported an alleged mass sighting of a gigantic Sasquatch at the Leech Lake Reservation in Minnesota.

A mother and son pair hunting grouse described the creature as a massive hominid with a physique resembling The Rock (Dwayne Johnson).

Enthusiasts also reported encountering prints comparable to Shaquille O’Neal’s shoe size. They claimed they found the footprints next to a primitive shelter on Caerphilly Mountain in South Wales while filming a new TV series.

However, a researcher debunked the claim, saying they were “joke prints” he and his TV crew left while filing a skit for another TV show.

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