Researchers claim new evidence ‘UK Roswell’ UFO had extraterrestrial origin

A UFO allegedly crashed and scattered debris on a Welsh field in 1983. Pic credit: Pixabay

Researchers claim that new evidence has emerged that provides insight into a decades-old unresolved UFO incident in Wales.

The incident, which some enthusiasts dubbed “UK’s Roswell” or the “Welsh Roswell,” occurred on a farm outside Llanilar, Wales, in January 1983.

According to researchers, the results of lab tests conducted on debris from the alleged UFO crash suggested it may have been of alien origin.

However, skeptics said the crashed object was likely a government experiment craft undergoing testing.

The “UK Roswell” incident

Farmer Irwel Evans was walking across a field on his farm early on a January morning in 1983 when he noticed lumps of strange-looking metal scattered around, the Sun reported.

Puzzled, he looked around and realized that an area about the size of multiple soccer pitches was strewn with bits and pieces of strange metallic objects.

He had no idea what they were, but further investigation offered the first hint.

He noticed that the top of the trees in a wooded area bordering the field were broken and bent in a manner suggesting that a flying object impacted them.

Did a UFO crash in Wales?

Overall, the physical evidence suggested that a craft crashed into the trees. However, nobody in the area saw anything or heard any noise during the night.

The debris consisted of pieces of metallic substance and foil-like material. The damaged trees covered several square feet of wooded land.

“Men in Black” combed the site

The farmer called the police, who arrived promptly. A team from the Royal Air Force also joined them.

Later, plainclothes officers believed to be from a secret government agency took over from the police. They cordoned off the area and combed the field and nearby woods.

They collected all the fragments and left without talking to the locals.

Locals who made inquiries with the MoD received no response. A local official claimed the RAF denied knowledge, saying their sensors detected nothing unusual that night.

“Men in Black” allegedly visited a UFO hunter who visited the site

UFO researcher Gary Rowe got tipped off about the incident and rushed to the site to investigate. But he found nothing when he got there.

He later learned that the farmer called the police. They came with MoD officials and plainclothes officers.

The “Men in Black” combed the area and removed the debris before Rowe arrived. However, he searched the area for pieces the officials might have missed.

He found six pieces of metal and material resembling foil.

Rowe claimed Men in Black visited him soon after and asked him to hand over the objects. But he managed to convince the men that he did not have them.

Fragments sent for lab analysis

Four decades after the strange incident, Ancient Aliens’ Mark Olly obtained samples from Rowe.

He sent some to a lab in Australia and others to a lab in the US.

Welsh fragments allegedly similar to Roswell

The Australian lab told them the material contained aluminum foam. However, they couldn’t explain its origin.

The American lab also said it contained a metal called lanthanum. But they also had no idea where it came from.

However, the researchers noted that the debris was similar to the material some enthusiasts recently retrieved from an alleged Roswell crash site.

What is Aluminium foam?

Benjamin Sosnick invented Aluminum foam in 1943.

The first commercial product based on aluminum foam appeared in the 1980s. It is used for various purposes in the petrochemicals and aerospace industries.

What is Lanthanum?

Lanthanum is a rare earth metal first identified in January 1839. The production process is complex and expensive. So, it is used only in small amounts for industrial purposes.

Was the UFO of extrateerrestrial origin?

Olly believed the crashed object could have been of extraterrestrial origin because aluminum foam and lanthanum were not used for building crafts in the 1980s.

However, skeptics argued that the first commercial product based on aluminum foam was made in the 1980s. Thus, the UFO could have been an experimental craft undergoing testing.

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