UFO spotted in TikTok star’s video sparked alien abduction fears

Fans claimed a UFO appeared in the sky behind TikToker GK Barry. Pic credit: @gkbarry/TikTok

TikToker GK Barry’s fans expressed fear for her safety after UFO hunters claimed they spotted a strange object in the sky behind her in a video she recently shared on the social media platform.

TikToker GK Barry, whose real name is Grace Eleanor Keeling, has about 3.4 million followers on TikTok. She recently shared a video titled “Cats got fleas lol.”

GK Barry talked about her cat having fleas

In the video, she talked about her cat’s health.

GK told her fans that she shares her bed with her cat. One night, she noticed the cat was scratching its body. She realized it had fleas and that she also had fleas through contact with the cat.

UFO hunters claimed a bright white object appeared in the sky behind her while she talked about her cat. The object moved swiftly across the top left corner and disappeared abruptly.

The sighting sparked alien abduction fears among the TikToker’s fans.

UFO appeared in GK Barry’s TikTok video

Most viewers missed the alleged UFO. But eagle-eyed UFO enthusiasts noticed it and alerted her fans.

The alleged UFO appears in the top left corner between 7-8 seconds into the video (see below). A bright white dot streaks across the top left corner.

According to a viewer, it “hovered, flashed and disappeared.”

The sighting caused excitement among GK’s fans. Many who missed the UFO the first time viewed the video again to see it. It racked up more than 1.6 million views as fans flocked to see the alleged UFO.

“Can no one see the flash in the sky?” a fan inquired.

“Grace, fleas and a UFO. This is peak tik,” another joked.

Some claimed they saw more than one UFO in the video.

“I saw [two]… the one that stopped and the one that zooms past the house seconds after?” a viewer claimed.

Alleged sighting sparked alien abduction fears

Conspiracy theorists quickly chimed in with bizarre theories. A theory that gained traction claimed that aliens were trying to abduct the TikTok star.

Fans began expressing concern for her safety. They inquired what to do to do to protect her from aliens.

Skeptics also shared their views about the white dot UFO. Some suggested that it was a “set up.”

A skeptic argued that GK rarely shot videos outside and that she shot the cat fleas one outside because she wanted to set up a UFO sighting.

Others offered other suggestions.

“It’s a balloon,” a skeptic responded.

“I think it’s a bird,” a second said.

“Can’t lie think it’s just a raindrop,” a third skeptic suggested.

Alien abduction frenzy scared GK Barry

GK Barry reacted to the UFO rumors in her next video.

She asked her fans for their opinion about what the white flash was. She added that she felt scared by claims that aliens wanted to abduct her.

“I feel like I need police pprotectioon,” she said. “I don’t have time to be probed (by aliens).”


Replying to @𝒵𝒶𝒵𝒶🍃🍂

♬ original sound – Grace

She ended by saying she believed aliens existed but wasn’t happy about it.

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