UFO shot down over Alaska was an ‘anomalous’ object, investigator claims

Investigator Ross Coulthart claimed UFO shot down over Alaska was an “anomalous” object. Pic credit: Need to Know/YouTube

Investigator Ross Coulthart claimed that people with inside information told him that the object USAF jets shot down over Alaska early last year was not a civilian balloon but an “anomalous” craft.

The sources claimed it was a “silver cylindrical” object of unknown origin.

USAF shot down a UFO over Alaska

The claim comes a year after the US authorities reported that the military spotted a UFO over Alaska. They scrambled an F-22 fighter jet to shoot it down.

US officials said that radars detected it flying at about 40,000ft over the northeastern coast of Alaska. They declined to share further details about it or what they thought it was.

White House spokesperson John Kirby initially said they had no idea who owned the UFO about the size of a small car.

However, President Biden later told reporters that the “intelligence community’s current assessment is that these three objects were most likely balloons tied to private companies, recreation, or research institutions.”

The conflicting information from official sources sparked speculation.

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Biden admin covered UFO information, researcher claimed

Coulthart claimed that the Biden administration withheld information about the alleged UFO. He said that a source with knowledge of the incident shared new disclosures.

The source confirmed that the object was not a balloon but an “anomalous” object of unknown origin. According to Coulthart’s source, it was a silver-colored UFO with a cylindrical shape.

Reuters reported that pilots who approached it said they saw no one inside it, and it did not look like a conventional airplane.

After the F-22 shot it down, they dispatched a team with HC-130s, F-16s, and black helicopters to recover it.

Govt built structure to hide a UFO, Coulthart claimed

Coulthart latest comments come after he claimed in July 2023 that the US authorities discovered a UFO that was so big they could not move it from its crash site.

Instead of moving it, they constructed a landmark structure to conceal it.

According to the UFO researcher, the location was outside the US. He claimed he knew the country and the precise location but declined to say it.

His story sparked speculation, with enthusiasts suggesting multiple countries, including Sydney (Australia) and South Korea.

Coulthart is known in the UFO community for conducting an explosive interview with whistleblower David Grusch in June last year.

Grusch claimed during the interview that the US and its allies run a UFO retrieval program and that they have multiple crafts of exotic origin in storage.

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