Couple photographed flying saucer UFO over Argentina

Argentinian couple photographed a mysterious flying saucer UFO. Pic credit: via New York Post/YouTube

An elderly Argentinian woman and her husband reported sighting a flying saucer UFO. They also captured a stunningly clear photograph of the alleged craft (see video below).

Enthusiasts are excited about the photo and touting it as one of the best UFO evidence in recent years.

Elderly vacationers sighted UFO during road trip

The sighting reportedly occurred on February 1 while Rina Juárez, 76, and her husband were driving from San Miguel de Tucumán in Tucumán Province, northern Argentina, to a nearby resort.

The New York Post reported that they stopped at a spot near the tourism destination of San Pedro de Colalao. During the stop, Rina snapped photos of a flock of white birds flying around and perching on a tree.

While taking photographs, she suddenly noticed a black object among the flock of white birds. At first, she thought it was a lone black individual.

Is it a bird or a flying saucer?

Excitedly, she drew her husband’s attention to the black bird. He looked up and declared it wasn’t a bird but a flying saucer.

Surprised at his comment, she looked again. This time, she noticed it was not a bird but a saucer-shaped flying object.

The UFO flew at the same height as the power cables. But it began rising higher in the sky.

She snapped multiple photos as it flew toward nearby mountains.

Rina shared photo with grandkids

Rina shared the photos with her grandkids when she returned home. She said the experience was a once in a lifetime and that she wouldn’t have believed it if she hadn’t seen it herself.

South America is a UFO hotspot. Paranormal Papers has reported many UFO sightings from that part of the world:

We reported in October 2023 that a passenger flying in a commercial jet filmed a “classic” saucer-shaped UFO at about 30,000 feet over Colombia, South America.

The person filmed the video through the airplane window during a flight from the capital city of Bogota to Salento.

We also reported that a family of three picnicking near El Yeso reservoir southeast of Santiago, Chile, sighted a flying saucer UFO hovering over the Andes Mountains.

Experts who analyzed the image on History Channel’s The Proof Is Out There said it might have been a genuine UFO anomaly.

However, others proposed various atmospheric phenomena to explain it.

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