‘Flying saucer UFO’ over Chilean Andes could be genuine anomaly, experts say

Experts believe a disc-shaped UFO over the Chilean Andes in 2010 could be a genuine anomaly. Pic credit: via History/YouTube

Researchers analyzed an image taken in 2010 showing an alleged flying saucer UFO over the Andes Mountains in Chile and concluded it could be a genuine anomaly.

A new episode of History Channel’s The Proof Is Out There examines the evidence suggesting that the Chilean flying saucer UFO may have been of non-human intelligence origin (see video below).

Massive saucer-shaped UFO concealed in anomalous red clouds

A family of three picnicking at a spot close to the El Yeso reservoir about 45 miles southeast of Santiago, Chile, on February 14, 2010, reported the strange sighting.

During the picnic, they took multiple pictures of the surrounding countryside and the brightly sunlit sky. But, they did not notice anything unusual until they reviewed the photos at home.

One photo showed reddish clouds next to blue skies and regular white clouds. Barely concealed within the anomalous cloud was an object that resembled a saucer-shaped craft.

Chilean authorities shared the photo with researchers

The Chilean authorities eventually got hold of the photo and shared it with researchers at the National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena (NARCAP).

NARCAP experts concluded that the photograph showed a solid disc-shaped object.

“This study resolves that this is in fact an external anomaly and it does not appeared to be inserted in the photograph,” a NARCAP representative said.

Alleged UFO could be a lens flare, skeptics claimed

History Channel sought the opinion of multiple experts regarding the suggestion that the disc-shaped object was a UFO.

Astronomer Mark de Antonio argued that the reddish clouds were cirrus clouds composed of ice crystals formed at high altitudes.

Sunn rays passing through the crystals may generate a variety of colors. In the case of the alleged Chilean UFO, the color generated through the prismatic effect was reddish. He suggested the disc could be a lens flare formed when bright light impacted the camera lens.

However, meteorologist Juan Hernandez disagreed, saying it may have been a lenticular cloud. But he doubted the lenticular cloud theory because the weather on that day did not favor the formation of such clouds.

Physicist Matthew Shagas agreed with NARCAP experts that the diss-shaped object was a UFO. But he cautioned, saying it did not mean it was an alien spacecraft. It simply means that it was an unidentified solid object in the sky.

Chile has one of the highest reports of UFOs

UFO researchers widely acknowledge that Chile has one of the highest numbers of UFO sightings in the world.

Some UFO hunters believe that a lagoon in the Andes near the El Yeso reservoir could host a UFO base.

The Chilean Andes region and other parts of South America are famous for reports of anonymous cloud-like phenomena believed to be “cloaked” UFOs.

What are “cloaked” UFOs?

“Cloaked” UFOs are alleged alien crafts that attempt to conceal their presence from human observers by generating artificial clouds around themselves.

South America is not the only region of the world where UFO hunters have reported cloaked UFOs. One of the best-known cases of an alleged “cloaked” UFO occurred in January 2023 in Turkey.

According to witnesses, the UFO hovered in lenticular clouds for an hour.

The Proof Is Out There airs on The History Channel on Fridays,10/9c

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