Underwater structure off Calif coast could be UFO base, former US Navy Admiral claims

A former senior US Navy officer claimed there could be an underwater UFO base off the California coast. Pic credit: Pixabay

A former US Navy Admiral claimed that scans of the seafloor off the coast of California revealed artificial features suggestive of a sprawling underwater UFO base.

Tim Gallaudet, a retired Navy Rear Admiral, suggested that a careful exploration of the seafloor off the California coast could lead to the discovery of a concealed entrance to an underground UFO facility.

He added that frequent reports of UFOs diving underwater in the region strengthen the case for a thorough scientific exploration.

Seabed scan allegedly revealed strange underwater structures

The Daily Star reported that Gallaudet became interested in investigating the seafloor around Catalina Island following multiple reports of UFOs flying over the region and plunging underwater.

Paranormal Papers reported that the 2004 Tic Tac UFO encounter involving Cmdr. David Fravor of the Black Aces squadron attached to the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group occurred off the coast of California near Catalina, a known UFO hotspot.

Gallaudet teamed up with another expert, Victor Vescovo, to scan the seafloor in the area. They noticed a structure that seemed to them an anomaly.

The “wedge” structure looked like it had been artificially carved and displaced from an underwater hill or knoll.

The researchers said they couldn’t find a “natural explanation” for the wedge feature. They also didn’t know about any natural process that could have caused the unusual feature.

They felt forced to speculate about artificial causes, such as an intelligently constructed underwater storage facility or base.

Location of the alleged structures remains a secret

Gallaudet and Vescovo have not shared the exact coordinates of the alleged underwater structure. They decided to keep it secret after a Netflix producer approached them with an offer to fund an expedition to the spot.

But they revealed that the mysterious structure was somewhere between Catalina and Long Beach in the bight of Southern California.

They hope to be the first to investigate the structure and unravel its secrets.

Singer Shaun Rhyder also claimed ETs have underwater UFO bases

The latest news comes after Paranormal Papers reported that British singer Shaun Ryder claimed that technologically advanced aliens have UFO bases in mountains and seas. He claimed that they put humanity on Earth for a purpose.

The former Happy Mondays star said the aliens put us here for an experiment. He added that he believed there was life on other planetary systems.

Kurt Coleman, an Instagram influencer, also claimed he had seen many UFOs around the Australian Gold Coast.

Coleman, 25, claimed he saw many alien UFOs coming out of water and flying up into the sky. He added that many other Australians had also seen them.

An Instagram fan argued that frequent sightings of UFOs emerging from water suggested that technologically advanced alien civilizations could have massive underwater bases.

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