Yowie proof? Aussie Bigfoot allegedly ripped wild boar in half, left footprints

An alleged Yowie footprint. The cryptid is Australia’s version of the Sasquatch. Pic credit: Pixabay

A researcher believes that a viral video showing a wild boar ripped in half proves the existence of the Australian Bigfoot, also known as the Yowie. The cryptid also allegedly left incriminating footprints at the scene of the incident.

The video (see below) surfaced online some years ago. But it is receiving renewed attention after Yowie hunter Dean Harrison’s comments.

Construction workers involved in a railroad project in Central Queensland reportedly filmed the video showing the remains of a wild boar. The men debate the cause of the animal’s violent death while drawing attention to oversized footprints in the sand.


A wild boar is found in Australia ripped into half along with huge footprints by its side. The footprints are of supposed “yowie” the Austraian Bigfoot. Thoughts?? #bigfoot #sasquatch #fypage #foryou #sasquatchisreal #fypシ #fyppppppppppppppppppppppp #bigfootsighting #cryptid #yowie

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Oversized footprints near ripped boar carcass

According to the Australian online news outlet News.com.au, the workers first stumbled upon the footprints near their railroad construction site. They are humanoid footprints larger than a grown man’s size.

A man wearing big work boots places his feet next to one of the footprints with five toes. As the camera pans around, viewers see signs in the sand that suggest a scuffle. The men traced the tracks until they disappeared in the bush.

When they looked around, they found the ripped boar carcass nearby.

A witness commented that something “f*****g ripped” the boar “clean in half.” He adds that the footprints suggest the creature went uphill afterwards.

The men stopped following the tracks out of fear that the creature was lurking nearby, waiting to pounce on them.

However, the video shows that after the alleged Yowie killed the boar, it left the carcass largely untouched. It raised the question of why it attacked and killed the animal when it didn’t need it for food.

Yowie expert claims video proves cryptid exists

The men weren’t sure what to make of their findings. But after reviewing the video evidence, Australian Yowie expert Dean Harrison concluded it proved the existence of the Yowie, a Bigfoot-like creature from the folklore of Australian aboriginals.

According to Australian folklore, the Yowie is a dangerous hairy ape-like creature with red eyes. Some claim the eyes are on the side of its head.

It is a nocturnal predator that feeds on wild animals and humans.

[Note: Learn more about the Yowie here.]

Harrison observed that the footprints were remarkably human-like. He also commented that the men’s reaction suggested genuine amazement and that the video was not a hoax.

It was not the first time he heard reports of animals ripped in half by a cryptid roaming the wild in Australia.

The Yowie expert claimed he received hundreds of Yowie sighting reports from every province of the country, especially New South Wales.

Angry Bigfoot hurled a log at hunter

The news from Australia comes after a Canadian Sasquatch hunter reported a close encounter with a Bigfoot while hunting in the woods near the Banff National Park in Alberta. The alleged incident occurred in September 2023.

YouTuber Sonny Vator said he watched from a hunting blind as a Bigfoot creature standing about 25 feet away performed the legendary “wood knock” and hurled the battered log toward him.

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