Bigfoot hunter allegedly filmed angry Sasquatch hurling log at camera

A Bigfoot hunter allegedly had a close encounter with an angry Sasquatch in the woods. Pic credit: Sonny Vator/YouTube

A Bigfoot enthusiast claims to have filmed a bizarre encounter with an angry Sasquatch in the woods near Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada.

YouTuber Sonny Vator allegedly spotted the elusive cryptid from a hunting blind during a bow-hunting trip in September 2023.

He filmed the alleged creature from about 25 feet and uploaded a video of the encounter to YouTube (see video below).

The video has received over 60,000 views since the YouTuber uploaded it three weeks ago.

[Note: A hunting blind is a small shelter hunters use for concealment in the woods.]

Bigfoot p***ed off at hunter

Vator explained that the Bigfoot got “p***ed off” when it saw him. However, he managed to film footage showing the creature’s “awesome facial feature.”

The video appears to show a furry bipedal beast half-concealed in the forest. The bulky anthropoid with dark fur picks up a heavy piece of wood and smashes it against a tree. It then flings it toward the camera.

The behavior was suggestive of a strong beast throwing a temper tantrum.

The latest alleged sighting of a Bigfoot comes after a couple reported seeing a Bigfoot roaming mountainous terrain between Silverton and Durango, southwest Colorado.

Reactions on YouTube

The video received dozens of responses from Bigfoot believers on YouTube.

Many viewers commented about the facial features momentarily visible (see 0:47 zoomed in) in the footage. They said it looked human.

“Wow check out that face. That is human,” a viewer commented.

“Dude you can totally see his face it looks like a person with a lot of hair,” another enthusiast wrote. “When you zoom in it is very very creepy you see the whole face!”

“Very cool and great shot of the face!” a third viewer enthused.

Vator disagreed with viewers who claimed the face looked human. He argued that it didn’t look human when he zoomed in on a computer screen.

“The face is just so eerie too. Looks almost too human, but distinctive enough to know it’s not,” a user agreed.

Footage shows an “actual wood knock”

Other viewers seemed more impressed that the footage captured an instance of a Sasquatch’s legendary “wood knock” behavior.

According to Bigfoot lore, Sasquatchs communicate with their mates by beating wood against trees. Bigfoot hunters call the resulting sound reverberating through the woods “wood knock” or “tree knock.”

Bigfoot hunters allegedly use the sound to track the cryptids.

“It hit the living daylights out of that tree,” one enthusiast wrote. “A tree knock wow thank you so much.”

“Incredible capture. An actual wood knock,” another said.

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