Peanut butter-loving Bigfoot left huge finger marks in jar, Sasquatch hunter claimed

A Bigfoot hunter claimed that a Sasquatch left two huge finger marks while stealing peanut butter from a jar he left in the woods. Pic credit: Patrick Perry/Facebook

A Bigfoot hunter claimed they used a jar of peanut butter to lure an elusive Sasquatch roaming Missouri woods to leave evidence of their presence.

Patrick Perry of Shell Knob, Missouri, shared photos on Facebook allegedly showing evidence of a Bigfoot roaming the surrounding woods.

Shell Knob is a rural community in the Ozarks. It is part of White River Township, Barry County, Missouri.

Strange noises in the night

Perry claimed he heard strange noises in woods. He thought the noises sounded like “wood knocks” made by a Bigfoot lurking out of sight.

According to Sasquatch folklore, Bigfoot sometimes communicate with their fellows by beating wooden clubs or sticks against trees. The sound travels far in the forest at night, and other Sasquatch individuals use it to find food or missing troop members.

Perry decided to set a trap for the creature. He hit on the novel idea of leaving a jar of peanut butter in the woods to see whether it would attract the Bigfoot.

“I tried the gifting thing in our woods because I always hear strange noises and what sounds like wood knocks,” Perry wrote in his Facebook post. “I left a jar of peanut butter out with the lid on and when I came back this is what I found. Lid taken off laid next to the jar.”

A Bigfoot allegedly took a scoop from the peanut jar

Perry likely left the lid on to prevent other animals, such as squirrels, from gaining first access.

When he returned to the spot, he saw the lid taken off and laid next to the jar. He reasoned that only an intelligent creature with humanoid hands could have removed the jar lid.

Perry claimed he saw marks on the peanut butter that looked like two huge fingers. The marks suggested that a humanoid creature removed the lid and scooped butter from the jar.

But other marks suggested that squirrels also came to feed from the jar after the creature that removed the lid left.

“Obviously squirrels got into it after the lid was off but it also looks like two big fingers in the middle,” Perry wrote.

Perry shared a photo of the alleged evidence

The Bigfoot enthusiast posted a photo of the peanut butter jar showing the alleged evidence of a peanut butter-loving Bigfoot creature roaming Missouri woods.

The photo shows a jar of peanut butter with marks suggesting that two large fingers left imprints on the surface.

Perry admitted that the evidence was “nothing definite.” But he assured Facebook viewers it wasn’t a hoax. The photos showed what he saw when he returned to the spot.

“Nothing definite and obviously can be hoaxed, but I don’t play like that,” he wrote.

Reactions on Facebook

Many Facebook viewers agreed with Perry that the evidence was only tentative. However, they thought his novel approach might lead to a breakthrough in the search for Sasquatch.

“I lean towards the big boy [Bigfoot] as a logical peanut butter bandit,” one believer said. “That definitely is a large fingerprint.”

The Facebook users advised him to repeat the experiment with cameras to film creatures that approached the jar.

Some believers argued that animals such as raccoons were smart enough to figure out how to take off the lid. But Perry countered, saying that only a creature with large humanoid palms could have taken them off unaided.

However, others agreed with the first commenter, saying that raccoons have a reputation for being clever animals. They argued that a Bigfoot would likely have taken the jar away to feast alone.

Others suggested that a small creature poking its face or snout into the jar left “noseprints.”

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6 months ago

Why didnt he set up a trail cam next to the pnut butter? I dont buy his story.

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