7.8-foot Bigfoot allegedly spotted in the Pennsylvania woods sparks Facebook debate

A Pennsylvania resident reported sighting a Bigfoot in the woods near their home. Pic credit: David Borntreger via Bigfoot Believers/Facebook

An enthusiast recently took to the Bigfoot Believers Facebook group to share images purporting to show evidence of multiple sightings of the elusive cryptid in a Pennsylvania woodland.

Facebook users scrutinizing the photos shared their opinions and debated their authenticity. Some concluded the photos offered valuable evidence of a Bigfoot individual living in the Pennsylvania woods.

A user proposed that a search could lead to the discovery of the resident Sasquatch and the conclusive resolution of the decades-long mystery surrounding the cryptid.

But others were skeptical, saying the creature did not look like a Bigfoot. Some even accused the poster of sharing fake images.

Pennsylvania resident spotted creature in woods close to their residence

Facebook user David Borntreger shared three images showing a furry humanoid creature in a woodland thicket.

He claimed that Pennsylvania resident Chase Greyfeather saw the Bigfoot in woods close to their home and snapped the photos.

Chase became preoccupied with searching for the creature after multiple encounters.

According to Borntreger, Chase snapped the first of three photos showing a “strange animal/creature” standing behind a tree trunk while watching a deer kill across a firebreak from a distance of about 50 feet.

The witness explained that another person snapped the other two pictures that show a Bigfoot standing on a small mound surveying the surrounding terrain.

He said the witness had been “sitting on” the photos for some time before sharing them.

Chase noted the similarities between the photos. The creature in the pictures taken by the unnamed witness was similar to the one he saw, and they might have been the same individual.

Bigfoot was about 7.8 feet tall

Chase estimated the height of the Bigfoot at about 7.8 feet.

He based his estimation on multiple sightings and photos. He claimed that he had other photos he did not share. He took the photos while in the woods in the company of other people.

They retreated after spotting the Bigfoot, but it trailed them discreetly back to their truck.

He managed to take some pics of the Bigfoot peeking at them from behind a bush or a tree.

Bigfoot believers reacted

Members of the Bigfoot Believers Facebook group discussed the alleged sightings.

One viewer said the creature looked scary. Another suggested sending a search party to track and capture it.

“Need to send a team out there. Drones, cameras, traps, etc hit it hard,” the viewer responded.

Others said the photo provided convincing evidence that could help solve the mystery of the elusive creature.

Skeptics also had their say

Some complained about the resolution of the photos. They said that with modern photography, anyone should have taken better pictures.

“The pic top right with today’s cameras there should be better focus, obviously the photographer is pretty close the resolution should be a lot better and clear[er],” one Facebook user commented.

Others were skeptical, saying the creature did not look like a Bigfoot and that it was more likely someone dressed in an ape suit.

“I don’t think it’s a bigfoot. The body looks all out of proportion,” a user reacted. “Guy in a poorly made suit probably in my opinion.”

Another suggested that the body proportions looked like a gorilla or a skunk ape.

“Looks like a gorilla with its build,” the user said.

One Facebook user alleged they were fakes.

“Stop posting fakes!” the user admonished.

“Fake news,” another responded.

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