Bigfoot footage captured by train passenger is the best Sasquatch evidence ever?

Train passenger filmed an alleged Bigfoot roaming mountaineous terrain between Silverton and Durange, Colorado. Pic credit: Shannon Parker/Facebook

Some enthusiasts are hailing footage taken from a train allegedly showing a Bigfoot walking on mountainous terrain as the best video evidence of Sasquatch ever.

Facebook user Shannon Parker uploaded the footage captured while traveling through a mountainous country to her social media page on Sunday, October 8.

A copy of the video shared on X (formerly Twitter) handle @outthereco (OutThereColorado) has gone viral with more than 4.3 million views.

The latest alleged Bigfoot evidence comes after an image surfaced on social media purporting to show a female Bigfoot carrying an infant on her back while walking through the woods in Upstate New York.

Parker was traveling from Silverton to Durango when sighting occurred

Parker explained that she and her partner, Stetson Tyler, were returning by narrow gauge train from Silverton to Durango, southwest Colorado when they saw the strange creature.

She had asked her partner to help look out for elk roaming the mountainsides. Stetson noticed a bipedal creature moving in the distance as they passed through mountainous country. He drew Parker’s attention to it, saying it looked like a Bigfoot.

A passenger sitting next to them on the train grabbed his phone and started recording while Parker tried to snap a photo on her camera.

The video below (scroll down) shows the footage of the bipedal creature captured from the passing train.

The ever-elusive Bigfoot at last!

Parker declared she believed the video shows the “ever-elusive creature Bigfoot!”

“I don’t know about y’all but We Believe,” she wrote.

The video shows a creature with brown fur walking through mountainous scrubland. It seemed to notice that people were watching it from the train.

It stopped, looked toward the train, and squatted on the ground as the train passed.

Reactions on social media

The footage received a mixed response on social media. Stunned Bigfoot enthusiasts declared it the best video evidence of Sasquatch ever.

“Was a little skeptical about this, until I saw the length of the arm,” an X user commented. “The hand was all the way down to the knee. Clearly a bigfoot.”

“Best video since Patterson tape,” another reacted.

“Holy c**p! That’s the clearest vid I have seen yet!” a third social media user said.

“100% real,” a believer commented.

But many skeptics dismissed it, saying it was likely a human prankster dressed in a furry costume.

“It’s a dude in a gorilla costume, ” a skeptic declared.

“Funny but clearly fake,” another said.

However, some social media users were unsure what to make of it.

“Good footage and for sure not a bear. Not sure what to think,” one X user responded.

Others joked about it.

“I think it’s Chewbacca from Star Wars!” one user wrote.

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