Aliens will land on Earth in 2028, alleged time traveler from 2045 predicted

Adam Archon claimed he is a time traveller from 2045. Pic credit: ApexTV/YouTube

A man who claimed he was a time traveler from 2045 made chilling predictions about radical changes to the world order in the next two decades.

Adam Archon, who claimed he was born December 6, 2019, first appeared online in 2019, claiming he was a time traveller from 2045.

His predictions unnerved believers, but many were sceptical of his claims.

Believers claim Archon’s predictions are coming true

Archon’s predictions are receiving renewed attention following recent whistleblower disclosures about a secret government UFO retrieval program. He predicted the world would learn the truth about extraterrestrial intelligence in 2028.

UFO enthusiasts believe David Grusch’s recent whistleblower disclosures indicate that global events are moving in the direction Archon predicted.

Believers also claimed he correctly predicted the emergence of ChapGPT when he said there would be an AI program that could answer any questions.

ChatGPT first became available to the public in November 2022.

Archon passsed a lie detector test

In 2019, Archon agreed to undergo a polygraph test to determine whether he was lying or telling the truth.

ApexTV YouTube channel interviewed him while hooked to a lie detector.

The self-proclaimed time traveller said he took the test to prove he was telling the truth. He wanted people to take his warnings seriously and act on them.

Aliens will land on Earth in August 2028

According to Archon, aliens will land on Earth in August 2028. He claimed that governments knew about aliens before 2028 but kept it secret.

However, the whole world will learn the truth about extraterrestrials when aliens show up publicly in 2028.

Archon said researchers invented time travel technology in 1981, but the authorities kept it secret. However, the truth will become known to the world in 2028.

He insisted that aliens did not come from space but declined to say where they came from because “of the possibility of a paradox.”

Yolanda King will be the greatest US president

Archon predicted that Yolanda Denise King, the daughter of the African American civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., would become president of the United States.

She will be known as America’s greatest president.

A global supernation emerges in 2030

Archon added that all countries will merge into one super nation in 2030. The supernation will consist of seven districts, and the United States will be District 3.

An AI program will govern the world. Ten specialists will monitor the AI’s decision-making process.

The global authorities will develop a single world currency. It is a digital currency operated through a chip implanted into users’ hands.

He predicted the global economy would go completely cashless when the authorities introduce the digital world currency.

AI connected to all devices

Archon also said that an AI that can answer questions will become available. Everyone will be able to interact with the AI on their devices.

A program will also emerge that lets anyone get a lifelike avatar and connect to it from anywhere.

The avatar allows people to visit any location in the world and have lifelike experiences. You only need to wear a suit to simulate yourself being the avatar.

Humans will converge with robots by 2045. People will be able to upload their minds into robots and live forever.

Overpopulation will become an issue in the future. Los Angeles will become submerged due to rising sea levels.

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6 months ago


Donohoe Michael
Donohoe Michael
6 months ago

Wouldn’t doubt it to be true.

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